Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes, I'm Aware That I'm Almost a Full Week Late . . .

. . . but aren't they beautiful?

It wouldn't have hurt my feelings if the Obamas had taken some ballroom dancing lessons, but they did all right anyway.

I have never ever ever seen a Presidential couple look at each other so lovingly before. It's refreshing to know they are really truly in love. I hope Michelle Obama comes out with a skin care line or something, that lady has dazzling skin.

Yes, I am aware this is shallow. Yes, I am also aware that she is a highly intelligent and accomplished woman. But, honestly, look at her skin. It's so beautiful.

And those children! Adorable! Can you say kiddie models?

I'd probably be done unpacking by now if I hadn't spent 15 consecutive hours in front of the television watching every single solitary moment of the whole blessed affair. Delicious!

Until next time . . .


Hula Hank said...

They stopped broadcast here when everyone went to lunch, so I didn't see the parade or any inauguration balls coverage.

So..... I haven't seen this clip yet... or even a good full on photo of the gown.

The Ridge School said...

They are a breath of fresh air, and not hard on the eyes either.

Katy said...

You're right, she is absolutely dazzling. And what I like is that she's normal. Not that previous first ladies have been aliens or something but Michelle Obama seems like someone I'd like to hang out with, a good girlfriend. And she wears J Crew! Not just fancy designers who charge bazillions of dollars for socks!

And they are so ridiculously in love with each other it is a beautiful thing to see.

I bawled my eyes out on Tuesday, it's so exciting to think of the possibilities for the future and for our kids generation!

Anonymous said...

Aw, it's never too late to give some love to our new "First Couple." I'm still enthralled with the goings on of the new prez...first 100 hours, first week, first month, first 100 days...the fun can just keep on coming, as far as I'm concerned!!

Anonymous said...

As soon as his speech was over, the commentary started on my channel (DH watches everything on CNBC; I joke that I get all my news through a lens of green). They actually showed the poet laureate reading her poem but spoke over her. It was so rude ad frustrating that I turned it off.

But, that is a beautiful picture. It is a great way to procrastinate; after all it's living history :-).

Kathy said...

Aren't they the most beautiful First Family -- inside and out -- that we've had in our lifetime?

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