Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Show Me The MONEY!!!!!

This weekend GrandBabyGirl's mom and dad came over for a fun filled family evening of board games. We board games in this family and play with lots of gusto. The rowdier the better! Usually we enjoy a game of Taboo or Scene It, but this time our daughter and son-in-law/her boyfriend/baby's daddy/whatever (Can you tell I'm pushing for a real commitment that does not seem imminent, but I digress) wanted to bring over the game. Fine. Guess what game they wanted to bring? MONOPOLY!!!

I love this game, but I haven't played in years. Mom #2 and I were so excited, we kept calling them to make sure they were still coming and to hurry up because everyone knows that Monopoly takes forever to play.

When they got here, we quickly slopped sugar and dispensed with the obligatories and set up the game table. Here is where things get kind of sticky. I remember Monopoly as a wild and crazy game where you have lots of fun and you totally get a mental work-out counting, spending and collecting all that delicious brightly-colored cold hard cash. If I couldn't get my hands on Board Walk and Park Place, then shoot, I'm not sure why I showed up to play.

Well they showed up with this ridiculously morphed carbon copy of the game I used to know. There were no railroads, just airports. No regular utilities, just cell phone and Internet service. Board Walk and Park Place - - nothing doing - - how about Times Square and The White House.

What the heck? Oh, well, I can tolerate all of that if the last part had not hurt my heart so badly. Brace yourselves. There is no more Monopoly Money! It has been replaced with Monopoly debit cards and an electronic banking system. WHAT!!! Why would they take the most wonderful, fun, educational game in the land and turn it into a useless, lazy, dim-wit version of the real thing? WHY?

Now, don't get me wrong. We still played. It was still fun. And, most importantly, I still won.

But, I just have to tell you . . . without being able to toss all my yellow, pink and green money in every one's face at the end of the night . . . it just wasn't the same.


What is the world coming to?

Until next time . . .


Anonymous said...

Not really...your just kidding right??? I mean there HAS to be money in Monopoly, so I am sure you are just joshing with us. Right? Right???

SabrinaT said...

Christopher got the new Life (it comes with Credit Cards). We still have a good time playing, but it's just not the same!
And, at the end of the day all that matters is YOU WON!!

:)De said...

LOL! First of all, that was very well written! Second... how sad. I still have the game that my parents had when I was a kid from 1961. The money is a bit curled and the cards a bit soft around the edges, but I think that beats credit cards! LOL!

Katy said...

I hate monopoly with the burning fire of a thousand suns and I'm sure that modernizing it has not improved it any!

Have you played Apples to Apples? It's lots of fun with several people and can get especially goofy if you're drinking!

Remind me not to play Monopoly with you. EVER! :-)

Freakmom said...

A few years ago we found a $20 bill Monopoly Money in the driveway. Just sitting there. We kept it.

(Not really related to your post, but hey I'm a Freak.)

Hula Hank said...

I always had to be the banker so I could touch and control everyone's money.

My favourite is when you land on Free Parking and take all the cold hard cash that is sitting in the middle!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ROFL! Congrats on your victory!

My kids want this version SO bad!
(Please tell it quicker than the old version?) It literally takes us about 3 hours to play a game. (I just don't have the patience for a game THAT long!)

Your entry was VERY funny though!:-)
(and...maybe you could get some confetti to throw in the air when you win?)

Michelle (foxvalley)

Paula said...

I'm with Katy and have to say I hate monopoly too. We have an old version of the day, with actual money, and I cringe if ds brings it out.

However I would sit down and play go fish, go hypothesize, or go harmonize (love that!) with y'all.

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