Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Another MANGA Monday . . .

Here is a small piece of a story I have created called "Centamis Chronicles."

This portion is where a man by the name of Ramón Omaha is attempting to stage a liberation coup d'état of the universe to carry out a grudge that he has been holding for many centuries. 

Here we see Ramón in the Overworld about to face-off with it's eight captains said to be the strongest warriors in the universe . . .

  (Click for larger images)

Who will come out victorious?

Stay tuned for next week's Manga Monday . . .

Until next time . . .

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Half-Time Report

We had a fantastic vacaciones de primavera!

We finally spent time together as a family instead of being spread all over the place, which is the one thing I've been loathing since Baby Boy and I both started college.  We filled our days with oh-so-many fun activities:  bowling (I did pretty good considering I was tippy-toeing on only one good hip), roller skating (Baby Boy and Baby Niece only, I assure you), catching up on movies, and Mom #2 and I even manage to get some kitchen cupboards organized.  What a rush!

We're officially halfway through the spring semester.  We are both officially on track to make glowing marks this reporting period.  Even though we speak the official language of central Texas, Tex-Mex, around the house all the time and I routinely spoke what I like to call "government Spanish" when I used to work, I am really finding my second semester clase de español to be muy difícil!  I swear I study for this class morning, noon, and night.  I intend to get an "A" if it's the last thing I do.  You already know how I feel about biology - hated it!  I'm only taking those two classes this semester.  I needed a break (HA!) after last semester, which almost killed me. 

Baby Boy is doing great.  Oh, to be young.  He has so much energy and is really attacking his classes with gusto.  He was finally able to get into the section of biology that he wanted.  Oh, and don't get it twisted, I am taking "introductory biology for non science majors" and being challenged every step of the way.  Baby Boy is taking "super hard and detailed biology for pre med students who want to rub their smartness in their mothers' faces," and loving every single minute of it.   He's also doing very well in his other classes, especially Japanese.  I would have him type you something, but I don't seem to have that special translation thingy downloaded onto my computer properly. Maybe next time. 

Finally, Baby Boy has recently introduced me to a game that all three of us can play together as a family without me hurting my back, twisting my knee, or throwing out my hip . . . Beyblades.  It's kind of like old-school spinning tops, but with a decidedly new-school flavor.  I've only won a few rounds, but I'm really beginning to perfect my technique.  Watch out!

Have y'all taken Spring Break yet?  

If so, what did you do?  

If not, when, and what are you planning to do?  

Tell me all about it.

Until next time . . .

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Depression Hurts . . .

 . . . And so does my hip. :(

I got a little over excited playing Wii Just Dance 2. 

That darn Rhianna song on there really got me jamming and I threw out my hip. 

I'm so freaking depressed because it seems like every time I have try to have some physical fun with the family, I hurt myself. 

Mom #2 says it's because I'm too competitive and push myself too hard so I can win every single game.  I do admit that I am a tad bit competitive . . . but still . . . games are fun . . . but . . . winning games is AWESOME!!!

Y'all should see me gimping around campus with my backpack.  Considering I'm at least twice as old as everyone else there, that limp really adds to my old lady charm. I mean, seriously, geriatric much? 

*SIGH*  Never a dull moment over here at Dos Mamas.

Until next time . . .

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