Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Catch-up Potpourri: Mom's Gonna Live, Salamander Art, A Movie Review, & A Sentimental Field Trip.

It's been such a long time since I blogged. I feel overwhelmed with all of the things I want to talk about. I hate really long posts, especially when they have only a couple of pictures (or worse, none - the horror), so I'll try to just put a quick blurb about each item I want to mention. Being extremely long-winded is my Achilles Heel, so I'll do my best. ;-)

First and foremost - I'M WELL!

Well, I'm mostly well. I have been so under the weather for so long that I finally went to the doctor. For the working poor and uninsured, which is who my family is (all except Baby Boy), this is a major deal. I have to pull out the yellow-pages and find a doctor who will see me, who won't judge me, and who won't price-gouge me because I want to pay cash. I have to find a doctor who will do a thorough exam, yet won't do any unnecessary testing because I'm paying cash. Who will hopefully have a solution, but will have samples of that solution, because I'm paying cash. So I guess it's understood - I had to pay cash. Anyway, I thought for sure that I was infected with the plague all over my body, but the doctor assured me it was an extreme case of cedar fever, gave me a bag full of samples of miscellaneous allergy medications and told me to get on them right away while we're having a short cold front so my body could get ready before the cedar pollen gets back into the air. I will admit, I doubted his diagnosis, but within three days of starting his recommended regime, I'm as good as new! Hurray! My doctor was kind and considerate, expeditious yet thorough, mindful of my financial situation without being condescending, apparently right-on with his diagnosis, and very generous with the Rx samples. I've filed his phone number and office address in my Rolodex for definite future use. A success!

To all who emailed your well wishes, when I say I have not been on the computer AT ALL, believe me. I was miserable and unable to do anyone any good, so I stayed away. So please allow me to say right now, en masse, Thank you so very much. I really appreciate it and it's great to know that people really do care. I've been known to be a cynic, but on this I'll just let that stand.

We have not done much school work in the past couple of weeks since I last posted. We have been sort of hit and missing our lesson plan. Baby Boy has done a lot of work on his own, but the fun stuff we usually do together has been sort of lacking. We did finally get an art lesson off the ground. We studied analogous colors - using drawings of salamanders to illustrate our point. Have a look, why don't you . . .

Analogous Colors

By Baby Boy


By Mom #1

Also, we finally did get around to watching The Philadelphia Story. It has youthful Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and Katharine Hepburn. What's not to like, the eye candy alone is worth the viewing time. One thing I have learned about older movies, in order for me to really appreciate them, I have to watch them at least twice. They don't spoon-feed you the plot like movies do today. They are complex and complicated and witty and sly and you have to really pay attention to both the brazen and the innuendo to really get a good grip on the story. Baby Boy and I have viewed it a few times in answering our discussion questions, and it is simply an amazing story. It's so sharply and humorously written and acted. It's so amazing how the beautiful people just acted in the movie instead of walking around like they are always in a full length mirror. They seem so uninhibited by their breathtaking appearances. Actors today could really learn a lesson in class from this trio. Actually it was a foursome. Ruth Hussey is second billed, but just as beautiful and equally good in this movie. I won't give away too much about the film other than to say, it's a hilarious comedy of errors . . . what Three's Company could have been if Chrissy had stayed dressed more often. Definitely a must-see.

I do have some sad news. My great-grandmother passed away last week. She was a fiery pistol of a woman and so stubborn that I thought for sure she would outlive us all. Although her health had been declining for a few months now, I was honestly shocked and saddened by her passing. We took a few days last week to drive the 7 hours home and visit with family and attend her memorial services. It was a sad yet pleasant occasion. No one is foolish enough to harbor ill-will regarding the passing of such a long and fruitful life. She worked and retired from her government job, while raising livestock and also growing, preserving and selling vegetables every year. And she didn't have a little hobby garden, we are talking about a farm! She was a well rounded woman who did it all and never apologized for any of it. I know that I am blessed; not many people in their mid 30's live to see their great grandmother. I am glad that my son, her great, great, grandson got to know and appreciate her into his teenage years before she passed away. She even lived to see some of her great, great, great grandchildren. Long lifelines run in my family, (I sure hope to have one) and the older generations harbor history lessons that cannot be taught in books or found on websites; it has to lived, cherished, and passed down. So I am honored to be one of the loved by my great grandmother, and I am sure she is resting in peace right now. She certainly has earned it.

Oh, my goodness, I could go on and on, but I think I'll call it quits for today. We do have some other things in the works right now, but I am not level headed enough to comment gracefully right now. And really grace is key for a lady.

I have SO MANY blogs that I haven't visited in a couple of weeks, so I'll be trying to stop by all of those in the next few days. Missed you all!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

First Few Days Back To Business, Baby Boy's Accomplishment, and ONE SICK MAMA!

I've been meaning to post regarding how the weekend and first couple of days of school have gone, but I have been feeling pretty icky the last few days. I've been trying to go on as if I'm fine, and in a way I am, but not really. You know, Mom sick. It's not a pretty sight. It goes something like this:

The anatomy of my Mom illness . . .
  • Woke up Sunday Morning feeling congested and scratchy throat, but mostly all right. Took a mucus breaker-upper pill and Tylenol. Went about the day as usual.
  • Went to bed Sunday night, got minimal rest. Head and chest congestion doesn't like the laying down position.
  • Woke up Monday morning and felt like a truck ran over me. Took another mucus breaker-upper and Tylenol, pretended to feel fine, but really felt yucky.
  • Went to bed Monday night and got ABSOLUTELY NO REST. Head and chest congestion continues to insist I sit up.
  • Woke up Tuesday morning practically obliterated. Drug around the house all day. Still have not admitted I'm sick. In fact, to all who ask, I insist Mommy's fine and continue to do household chores, cook dinner, and take Baby Boy to tae kwon do practice.
  • Let's not discuss last night. The words are not PG. I'll just say this, I actually had tears.
  • This morning, I am admitting to all who will listen, I AM SICK. Luckily I have the best kid in the whole wide world, because he woke up by himself on time, got dressed, fixed himself breakfast, helped me set up the humidifier, reminded me when it was time to take my medicine, and got ALL of his his schoolwork done without me even looking up today. He ROCKS!

I think I'm taking the rest of the week off, but I did want to post a few of this weeks accomplishments. I'll keep them brief less I become contagious via cyberspace. Mom #2 called and said her mom is sick and so is her brother, my mom's also under the weather, so whatever it is must be ricocheting from the heavens. Don't inhale while you read this. And don't say you weren't warned.

On Friday, Baby Boy got his blue belt in tae kwon do. He was the only person in the whole martial arts studio working on his particular form, so he got to show it off all by himself in front of all the other students and their families. I was really concerned he would be too nervous and mess it up, but he performed like a champ. I was such a proud mom. I would post a picture, but my camera's batteries died right in the middle of filming. I was so upset with myself for not packing extras that I cried all night about it, but Baby Boy said he forgives me and he'll remember it forever anyway because he was so scared. He was raised well. ;-)

On Sunday, in preparation for the week that apparently is not meant to be, we watched our movie from our Movies as Literature curriculum. This week was Emma. I have to tell you, this is not a good one for me. In fact, excuse my language, but it sucked. Now I have said many times, that I am not a big lover of classics simply because they're classics. If a movie is good, it's good for all time. If not, well, it never will be. This movie falls into the latter category. The language didn't sound like poetry, it just went too fast and I didn't know what was going on half the time. I hear it's based on a novel, so perhaps I should have read it first, then I would have known what to expect. Needless to say, Baby Boy and I were not amused. I didn't get the original of this one and the remake was frankly wasted on my entire family. I reviewed the literary elements we are supposed to learn from this film, determined we can learn them another way, and made the executive decision to ditch it. I know quitters never win, but this time it simply could not be helped. I told Baby Boy it's probably because I'm feeling a little under the weather. In a better frame of mind, I probably would have toughed it out. He didn't waste one minute hopping on his bicycle and getting it to the mailbox before I changed my mind. Oh well, I couldn't even help him with the discussion questions, because I had no idea what we had looked at for two hours either. So sad.

Anyway, next week we're on to The Philadelphia Story. Wish us luck.

This is getting too long, especially since there are no pretty pictures to look at, so I'm going to sign off, make a call about a meal, and relax my pain away.

I hope you all are well. I hope soon I am too.


Friday, January 4, 2008

Last Day Of Vacation And Other Various Ramblings.

This week has been spent winding down from all the holiday hype and un-decorating the house.

Everything seems a little empty and plain looking compared to the big colorful collection of Christmas decorations we had around here. It sure takes a little getting used to again. Every time I go into the living room, the dining room, or the bathroom, I keep thinking "Something is missing." But it's just the lack of festive decor. Ho Hum. I guess that's the extent of my after holiday blahs. The holidays were really great around here considering all the financial woes we had this past year, so I have absolutely nothing but gratitude for the season, no blahs here.

This morning I've been trying to get my lesson plan together for next week. It seems to be in working order. I think I'm ready to hit the ground running on Monday.

Now getting up and ready on Monday morning is going to be a real chore. Mom #2 has been getting up this week for work, and I get up with her to get her breakfast and such, but Baby Boy has been sleeping until one or two in the afternoon. I know I should probably be slowly working him into getting up earlier, so as not to shock his system on Monday, but I guess it's too late for that. I've been kind of enjoying the peace and quiet I get in the mornings since Mom #2 is at work and Baby Boy has been sleeping in. Yikes! Am I aloud to admit that? Well, I guess I already did. Anyway, it was nice, but now it's over LOL.

Anyway, I'm not feeling too insightful or even thoughtful today. I just wanted to post a little something so you would know I'm still alive. It has been a very uneventful start to the new year, but I like it like that. No events are much better than a negative course of events, and I'm trying to remove all negativity from my life right now.

So that's a good thing.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Reflexions Of The Old And Anticipation Of The New.

On this, the early morning of the very first day of 2008, I'm trying to be a little reflective of the past year while at the same time not giving too much attention to the overly *canned* tradition of the New Year's Resolution. Of course, it is always enlightening and informative to take stock of one's life. If you haven't at all this year up until now, then by all means - let today be the day. My blog-friend , Heather, wrote a very insightful post on New Year's resolutions. With that post in mind, I think I'm going to try to make an effort to be a better, healthier, friendlier person every single day - not just once a year. So I hope Heather is starting a new trend. I'm definitely on board.

Another blog-friend, Ami, posted about her friend, Rosemary, regarding the importance of being grateful for everyone and everything in your life every single day. It really gives you something to think about and it's the kind of lesson we should all remember. So while you're resolving to be this and do that and lose this much weight, don't forget to be grateful for all you already have and have done. I'm sure all of us can find that we are all blessed in one way or another.

Also, I do want everyone in the world to know, that long ago, in a land far away, three people who didn't even know they had been flying along lonely and solo, crash landed into an incredible avalanche of passion, happiness, honesty, communication and, most of all, acceptance and love. All of us had seen too much, done too much, been hurt too many times, and had put up many many walls of defense around our hearts and emotions. Until this perfect storm occurred, our individual futures were undefined and unremarkable. Now that this stormy avalanche has happened and hopefully will continue to roll into eternity, life is good!

Today is also the anniversary of the day Mom #2, Baby Boy, and myself became a family.

Happy Anniversary to us! This is my favorite day of the year, except now that Baby Boy is taller than everyone else in the house, I do start to feel a little aged, and not in a good way, like with wine or cheese.

***** Then . . . and . . . Now *****

Yikes! Maybe I will resolve to lose weight and perhaps use a little more wrinkle cream this year. *SIGH*

Well, we had a very festive evening last night filled with family, friends, food, fun, and fireworks. Right now I'm enjoying the few quiet moments that I get before everyone else realizes that I've awakened and reported for duty. I'm going to try to get some reading in before I clean up last night's mess (inside from the family, friends and food - outside from the fun and fireworks). After that, on to the laundry. Happy New Year.

I hope everyone reading had a wonderful 2007 and will have an even more Fabulous 2008!


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