Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall 2011 - Week 6 - Baby Boy and Mom #1

I have survived long enough to see the 6 week point.

I endured a test in chemistry with another looming next week, a super brutal first exam in Japanese, and another visit into the bowels of the ever-so-dry-and-boring textbook of psychology.

On the positive note, I have made a few new friends, am finally getting a firm grip on my Japanese, and am currently (and PERMANENTLY) passing all of my classes.  Maybe not with flying colors, but steadily gliding colors, which is acceptable enough for now.

Well… until next time!

Well I'm feeling FANTASTIC right now.

I had a tough week because I had major exams in both my stats and Spanish classes. 

The stats test was brutal, plus I ran out of time towards the end and I had to rush.  But I know I nailed the independent groups t-test, which took 3 pages of scratch paper, but I checked and double-checked my answer and I KNOW it's right.  As far as I'm concerned, that's success.  The fact is, I studied my bum off, I'm in class and at review sessions at every available opportunity, and I did the best I could.  I left blood, sweat, and tears in the classroom.  I'm at home now and my family is as happy to see me as I am to see them.  Let the grades fall where they may.

My Spanish test wasn't that hard, except that I don't speak Spanish, which consistently causes me trouble in that class. ;-)   

Mom #2 was ever-so-generous as to make us a delicious meal of fried red fish, hand cut fries, and jalapeno hush dogs.  That's how you finish off a rough week.  I love her so!

I do have another astronomy test next week, but I'm not quite prepared to start stressing about that yet.  I did receive approval to do a special project to help balance the C I got on the last test.  I'm going to investigate seasonal affective disorder and if people in the international space stations suffer from it and if (possible) life on other planets would suffer from it.  I think it'll be interesting, but it will be time consuming.  You know, because I have nothing but tons of free time, LOL.

Oh, and let me pass on a little free entertainment I got at school this week.  I know I've mentioned how intimate and entertaining my bus rides can be.  Well, this week, it reached an all time high.  I was sitting right in front of a guy wearing not one, but two masks.  I was a little freaked out because I thought he was going to try to rob us, but then I thought about that fact that it was a university shuttle and we're all dirt-poor students, and just took his picture while he wasn't looking.  Here's a visual.  

How hilarious is that?  

I think that's a pretty fitting way to wrap up the week.  

Until next time . . .

Friday, September 23, 2011

Week C - I mean Week 5 - Family Style

Week 5 ends on a bit of a sour note as the heat in my classes is turned up dramatically.   

My psychology class has finally become manageable for me, and hopefully my Japanese class will follow.  The difficulty is only increasing, but I, along with my study-buddies, are slowly but surely starting to understand the material and cope with the onslaught of new information coming at us.   

As for chemistry. . .  well that’s a different story.  I was recently put squarely in my place by a surprising C level grade on my first exam.  Why this happened is still somewhat of a mystery to me; however, I am now stepping up my studying tenfold to ensure that this is permanently a ONE-TIME DEAL!!!  

Fortunately, I was able to re-test.  The new grade is yet to be determined . . . One can only hope!   

Until next time. . .

Well, I don't have any good news, so I'll just start with the bad news. 

I had a majorly dramatic bit of a breakdown this week.  I spent the majority of if wailing and crying solemnly reflecting on my brain's apparent saturation level.  I'm sure I've reached it.  It started with me getting a %$$@#$%% darn C on my astronomy test (didn't I mention how much I hate tests), and just kept rolling downhill from there.  Fortunately, my professor does drop one test grade and even allows an extra credit project to help pump up grades, but I have to admit, that C was a huge blow to my confidence.  I mean, if I can't do any better than a C in conceptional astronomy for non-science majors . . . then seriously . . . what am I even doing there?

I'm taking today off.  The end.  I'll take positive energy, if you have any. 

Oh, last week Wendy asked for an update on Mom #2, who was oh-so-gracious as to sit still for a minute and give you all a personal update:

Hello Mom #2 here, the last time I wrote on this blog I had hacked in ;) 

I just wanted to stop by and give an update on what I've been up to.

Mostly I've been working.  I wish I could also say gardening, but when the temperature is over 105 degrees every day, it's hard to keep the plants alive. Aside from that, I've been daydreaming about a vacation but not exactly sure where to go. So if anyone knows of a great weekend getaway in Texas please let me know.

Oh yeah also if you could convince Mom #1 to be a home school Mom again (minus the kid of course) that would be GREAT!!!!!!!  ;)

Happy Autumnal Equinox! 
(I learned about that in astronomy, LOL)

Until next time . . .

Friday, September 16, 2011

Keeping Score in Week Four

Week #4 ended on a pretty good note for me. 

The dreaded psychology exam proved to be no mach for my unparalleled brainpower!  Although I did miss a couple of questions that I should have and DID know and felt like a dummy about for the rest of the day, I still managed to get a respectable grade in the end. 

The results of my exam in chemistry have yet to come in, but I still feel that I did a good job on it. 

The intensity in my Japanese class has been turned up dramatically.  I am constantly being hit by such a torrent of new information that even my notebooks feel overwhelmed.  However, the good news is that a couple of friends and I have decided to form a small study group and work as a team to break down the obstacles that this class has set before us. 

Well, back to the books. 

Until next time. . .

Well, all I can say about week four is that I'm glad it's over. 

I had a really difficult time grasping some of the concepts in my statistics class, but I spent over an hour with my professor during office hours (she seemed pretty happy to see me) and I was pretty confident that I was on the right path . . . until the next lecture.   I think she and I may become either the best of friends or the worst of enemies.  I'll be spending a lot of time in her office.  Fortunately she seems very patient and happy to help.  That goes a long way in my book, but that sure is one tough subject.  It is kind of freaking me out that I'm having so much trouble so early in the semester, but I'm trying not to let my anxiety get the best of me.  I'm sure if I just take it one assignment at a time, I'll look up before you know it, and it'll be all over.  At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

I had my first big exam in astronomy today.  You know, I LOVE that class.  It's so incredibly interesting!  I just wish I didn't have to memorize stuff and take tests on all the information I'm enjoying reading about and listening to.  Tests suck.  I could do fine if it weren't for those pesky tests.  Unfortunately that isn't exactly how the university model of learning works. *SIGH*  Hopefully I'll have a good grade to report next week.  We'll see.

Enough negativity, on a positive note, my Dad gave me some money for my birthday and usually I just spend my birthday money on rent, food, water . . . you know, practical stuff like that.  This year, I got a wild hair and actually bought myself some quality make up and new make up brushes that didn't come in a blister package from the Wal Mart.  It felt so nice to have a sales clerk actually help me find the RIGHT shade for my skin and the brushes feel like butter against my skin.  Now that I'm walking a few hundred miles a day in the 105 degree heat on campus, I'm not wearing make up every day, but when I do . . . it'll be the good stuff. ;-)

One more positive thing, since I'm on a roll.  Baby Boy is too modest to mention it, but he was awarded another scholarship by the hospital my Mom volunteers at.  I'm so happy and proud of him.  They are awarding it to him at a fancy banquet this weekend.  I'll try to take some photos and post them next week.  Just in case you're keeping score:  Baby Boy - 2 scholarships; Mom #1 - 0 scholarships.  Can you say "moderately agitated?"

Oh, well, you're always supposed to want better for your kids.  Right?

Drop me a line and tell me how your week went.
Until next time . . .

Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Week . . . The Long and Short of if All

The intensity begins to rise in my classes as week three comes to an end. My chemistry and psychology classes are both going to put me to the test next week with their first round of exams.  I'm not too worried about the chemistry exam.  That is actually my easiest class so far, plus I've made a couple of new friends in that class.  If push comes to shove, we can form a study group to help each other out. 

The psychology exam has me feeling QUITE uneasy . . . this class has proven to be one of my toughest yet, only rivaled by trigonometry a few semesters back and cellular and molecular biology last semester.  Truly bears!

Japanese II has proven to be just as tough as the rumors surrounding it had predicted.  I am currently trying to burn twenty-five new Kanji into my brain along with a bevy of new verb conjugation tenses.  Interestingly enough, this class, though tough, is so much fun.  I really enjoy learning Japanese.  I've been watching Japanese videos online and I've changed the audio and written language to all my video games to Japanese.  I'm going to become fluent if it's the last thing I do! 


Well, as you know, even though I am facing a supreme challenge next week, the fire within that will drive me to the peak of success continues to burn.  

See you next week!

I don't have classes on Mondays anyway, so I had a regular week.  Actually, both my Sister and I have birthdays over Labor Day weekend every year, so I had a regular week, plus I'm a year older.  All the baby hair at my hairline must have heard the news, because I'm looking awfully gray lately. *SIGH*

For some reason, this week was exhausting.  I'm so glad the weekend is here.

My statistics class is kicking. my. butt.  I have never had much of a math mind, and this class intends to make sure everyone knows about it.  I spend more time looking around with my "idiot face" on, raising my hand without even having the proper language to ask a coherent question, and crying quietly to myself.  So sad.

Good news in my astronomy class.  I met two more ladies and we've formed a "we're older than the professor, but still hanging in there" study group.  I always feel like the biggest, wrinkliest person in the room, so finding these two nice ladies really makes me feel great, and not so alone.

I've made A's on my first two Spanish quizzes, but I'm still having a hard time with hearing and speaking.  Too bad I can't just walk around Costa Rica with a pen and paper and write down everything I want to say.  I'm an excellent Spanish writer and reader, LOL.

Lots of homework, as usual, so I guess I'll get on with it.

Until next time . . .

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall 2011 - Week 2 - Baby Boy and Mom #1

Week two has been a success!  

I have hit the ground running in all of my classes.  The homework isn’t too terribly difficult, the classes don’t seem to be giving me much trouble at the moment.  However, I believe in the future that my psychology class of all classes is going to give me the most trouble out of all of them .  ** Whomever said that psychology is an “Easy A” needs to be kicked in the teeth!**  I say this because of the multiple essays that are required to be written, my horrid writing skills, and the dry, crusty, and just flat out boring textbook with seemingly never-ending chapters that I must read and draw information from.   

Well. . . no choice but to keep a steady pace.   

Wish me luck!

 Well, I'm officially exhausted!  This was my first FULL week of classes from both the community college and the university.

So far I'm really enjoying everything except my Spanish class.  It's conducted entirely in Spanish, which would be great except that I don't speak Spanish.  It also moves a little too fast for me.  I'm more of a slow, methodical listener, speaker, and writer . . . that won't cut it at all this semester.  After that class, I'm out of breath.  I feel like I've been running a Spanish-speaking-marathon.  I think I'm going to have to start watching Spanish television (which I should have already been doing, but I'm not) because I really need to fine tune my Spanish listening ears.  *SIGH*  I also really hate all the hundreds and hundreds of pages of busywork my professor keeps giving us.  I need to read, write, and study in my other classes, but I'm dedicating way too much time to Spanish-Spanish-Spanish.  As you can see, that's going to be my problem class for this semester.

I'm super-duper excited about my psychological statistics and research design class.  It's supposed to be the hardest class in the liberal arts department, but I'm so excited about being able to create my own statistical study and collecting data from real live people and writing up my findings, well . . . I don't mind the hard work.  I'm too embarrassed to admit it in mixed company, but it sounds like FUN to me. ;-)

I've also learned to really enjoy my bus rides.  I usually put my iPod on with a little classical music to keep my anxiety at bay, and then I review my reading selections for my classes.  That way it's fresh in my mind when I get to class.  It's a great way to multitask, and I don't have to get my blood pressure up in the out-of-control traffic.  WINNING!

Unfortunately, this week on the bus, a man using a walker and wearing one of those plastic bracelets (the ones that you get either from the hospital or when you are out on your day trip from rehab) asked me out on a date.  I guess I don't look as young and fresh as I thought I did in my brand-spanking-new sundress.  The quality of heads I'm turning these days has really declined, LOL.  LOSING!

I don't know how Baby Boy gets his week summed up so briefly.  I had to take out 75% of  the stuff I wanted to say to keep mine to a reasonable length.  Oh, well.  Such is the difference between Mom and son. 

Enjoy your holiday weekend, Everyone!

Until next time . . .

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