Friday, September 16, 2011

Keeping Score in Week Four

Week #4 ended on a pretty good note for me. 

The dreaded psychology exam proved to be no mach for my unparalleled brainpower!  Although I did miss a couple of questions that I should have and DID know and felt like a dummy about for the rest of the day, I still managed to get a respectable grade in the end. 

The results of my exam in chemistry have yet to come in, but I still feel that I did a good job on it. 

The intensity in my Japanese class has been turned up dramatically.  I am constantly being hit by such a torrent of new information that even my notebooks feel overwhelmed.  However, the good news is that a couple of friends and I have decided to form a small study group and work as a team to break down the obstacles that this class has set before us. 

Well, back to the books. 

Until next time. . .

Well, all I can say about week four is that I'm glad it's over. 

I had a really difficult time grasping some of the concepts in my statistics class, but I spent over an hour with my professor during office hours (she seemed pretty happy to see me) and I was pretty confident that I was on the right path . . . until the next lecture.   I think she and I may become either the best of friends or the worst of enemies.  I'll be spending a lot of time in her office.  Fortunately she seems very patient and happy to help.  That goes a long way in my book, but that sure is one tough subject.  It is kind of freaking me out that I'm having so much trouble so early in the semester, but I'm trying not to let my anxiety get the best of me.  I'm sure if I just take it one assignment at a time, I'll look up before you know it, and it'll be all over.  At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

I had my first big exam in astronomy today.  You know, I LOVE that class.  It's so incredibly interesting!  I just wish I didn't have to memorize stuff and take tests on all the information I'm enjoying reading about and listening to.  Tests suck.  I could do fine if it weren't for those pesky tests.  Unfortunately that isn't exactly how the university model of learning works. *SIGH*  Hopefully I'll have a good grade to report next week.  We'll see.

Enough negativity, on a positive note, my Dad gave me some money for my birthday and usually I just spend my birthday money on rent, food, water . . . you know, practical stuff like that.  This year, I got a wild hair and actually bought myself some quality make up and new make up brushes that didn't come in a blister package from the Wal Mart.  It felt so nice to have a sales clerk actually help me find the RIGHT shade for my skin and the brushes feel like butter against my skin.  Now that I'm walking a few hundred miles a day in the 105 degree heat on campus, I'm not wearing make up every day, but when I do . . . it'll be the good stuff. ;-)

One more positive thing, since I'm on a roll.  Baby Boy is too modest to mention it, but he was awarded another scholarship by the hospital my Mom volunteers at.  I'm so happy and proud of him.  They are awarding it to him at a fancy banquet this weekend.  I'll try to take some photos and post them next week.  Just in case you're keeping score:  Baby Boy - 2 scholarships; Mom #1 - 0 scholarships.  Can you say "moderately agitated?"

Oh, well, you're always supposed to want better for your kids.  Right?

Drop me a line and tell me how your week went.
Until next time . . .


:)De said...

Always glad to get an update from you 2. Sounds like things are going well. I am glad you have a helpful professor. Wish I could be of help, but I had to take Stats 3 times to pass it (Failed 1st attempt, withdrew before failing 2nd attempt, finally passed BARELY on 3rd try)

We are doing well and on a count-down for vacation...again.

Be well!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting a good grade on your psych exam, Baby Boy! It seems like you're cruising through everything. Breathe through the Japanese class, and watch more Naruto Shippuden (subbed not dubbed, of course), eh? ;) The study group sounds like a great idea!

Thank goodness for helpful professors, Mom #1. You seem to have a winner there: a teacher who truly cares about her job and her students!

You *treated* yourself to something? Good!

And, wow, a scholarship for Baby Boy too? That is absolutely fabulous!

Keep up all your hard work, and make sure to give Mom #2 some hugs from those of us who are wondering what she's up to! :D

Tara said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Mom #1! Did you happen to buy yourself some Bare Minerals? Those brushes are like heaven...
Many congrats to you and Baby Boy. You two have some of the best attitudes and study habits around. And extra congrats on that scholarship! Have a great week.

Ami said...

Thanks for the catch up post.


It seems a momentous occasion when one can actually spend birthday/christmas/mother's day checks on yourself....

105 degrees and walking across the campus? You're officially a better man than I am.

And scholarships... YAY!!!!

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