Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alive and Testy

I just finished my first round of tests for this semester.  In three classes all on the same day.  The fourth class was an essay.  Essays are the one thing I seem to be good at, so although worrying is what I seem to do best, I'm trying not to freak all-the-way out over it.  British Lit is kind of a *yawn* subject for me.  I just finished reading Frankenstein for the third time, so at least I know it's something I can discuss intelligently.  Hurray for Baby Boy and his love of science fiction.  Hurray for homeschool.

So far I'm staying firmly in the A area in all classes except biology where I have a hard B.   You know, the kind of B that feels like an A+.  That class is so hard.  I don't even know what language the professor is speaking half the time.

Baby Boy is majoring in Biology.  It's so hilarious how the fruit of my loins can be of such a different flavor than I am in every conceivable way.  He's been tutoring me in both biology and my math class.  If it weren't for him, I'd probably be rocking a D-.  Not a good look for my GPA.

Speaking of Baby Boy, he's doing great so far this semester.  This is his first semester officially all on his own.  The last two semesters we've been on the same campus and had at least one class together each term while I finished up some prerequisites.  This term he is at a separate campus on different days studying subjects that I just gloss by in the catalog.  He's officially all the way out of my league.  It happens faster than you know, Moms.  Treasure the time when you are academically smarter than your children.  Luckily, our tuition covers lots and lots of free tutoring . . . because there is absolutely none available for him at home.  Well, if he needs help with organization and time management, then I'm the Queen.  Course content?  Get back in the car and head to the tutoring lab.  I'm out of answers.

I actually have lots of stuff to blog about, but I'll stop there for now and try not to be such a stranger in the future.  School has me seriously overwhelmed this semester, plus I'm still waiting to hear from my top pick of transfer locations.  I'll take any and all prayers, well wishes, good vibes, positive energy . . . whatever you have to offer . . . my anxiety level is a bit too high for my liking.  *SIGH*  Such is life, I guess.

Until next time . . .

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