Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Sunflowers . . .

. . . Are doing great! 

They are so big and beautiful and bringing lots of fabulous bees to help pollinate the rest of the garden.

Baby Boy doesn't really like standing in the morning sun, but I needed a reference to show how tall they are, LOL.

Have a Marvelous Monday and a fantastic rest of the week!

Until next time . . .

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Guess You Know . . .

 . . . that your garden is too green, thick and luscious when the baby bunny rabbits don't even bother hiding anymore when they sun themselves right between the lettuce, cantaloupe, and carrots.

Look how laissez-faire this little so-and-so is.
Baby Boy and I got a kick out of it . . . but SHHHHH!  
Don't tell Mom #2 . . . 'cuz she's huntin' wabbits! 

Happy Summer Solstice!!!!

Until next time . . .

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mother, May I

Have you ever gotten bad news?  Not a little bad news, a lot of bad news.

You know, like, the dryer's broken (see previous post); every time you go to the mailbox there's nothing but bills you can't afford to pay; the college counselor repeatedly screws up your son's financial aid paperwork so that he may not be awarded in time for next semester . . . yadda yadda yadda.  I'm sure you're all familiar with bad news.

Then . . . you receive a teeny weeny kernel of good news.  Really good news.  Great news.

Is it selfish to want to keep that grain of good news to yourself for a little while and just enjoy it like a secret pet?  Is it wrong to rub it and pet it and visit it whenever the inevitable more bad news shows up?

Or should you make the good news common knowledge so that everyone can bask in its glow?

I know I sound selfish, but it just seems like in a Mom's life there are so few times when we are allowed to have a secret.  Secrets are fun.  I want a secret.

I realize I'm talking in circles, so I'm going to shut it down now.


Oh, and don't worry.  I already came clean, but it was fun while it lasted.  ;-)

Until next time . . .

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Going Green . . . or. . . Decisively Desperate?

Our clothes dryer has been broken for a couple of weeks now.

At first we did tiny loads and hung things around the house, but today Baby Boy and I were feeling inspired, so we decided to make use of the fantabulous weather we've been having.

Well, it's too hot for people to be outside, but it's just right for drying laundry.

Actually, everything smells so clean and feels so fresh, we may just keep it up awhile, you know until the Homeowners' Association sends around that pesky cease and desist letter, LOL.


In case you're wondering, yes, that is the old skeleton of one of those portable cabanas you take to the beach.  We haven't been to the beach in a while, so at least it's getting used for something

Until next time . . .

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Our homeschool group had a fabulous end-of-the-year-non-graduation-graduation-celebration this weekend.

It was a great way to socialize, eat, dance, honor the graduates who wanted to be honored and not honor the graduates who did not want to be honored.  How's that for diversity, LOL.

Talking about the homeschool experience and plans for the future.  

Opening gifts that will be of good use during his college days.

First look at the diploma. 


It's not a party until everyone dances with Grandma! 

Remember the Macarena?

The friend-who's-a-girl-but-definitely-not-his-girlfriend . . . or whatever. 

We had such a great time and the mood was lighthearted and festive enough that I didn't have to cry at all. 

We all danced and laughed and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning.  Mom #2 and I felt so grown up.  We're usually in bed by 10:30 PM, LOL.  

I think we all consider that a complete success.  

Until next time . . .

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