Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can Someone Please Just Tell Me Why . . .

My unemployed and uninspired Mother is too busy to talk to me?

I've been trying to call and chat with her; not to give her a hard time, but just to see how she's doing and how she's handling things. So why can't I get her to stop moving and give me 10 uninterrupted minutes?

Let me tell you, this is a stretch for me already, because I despise talking on the telephone. Ask anyone who knows me. If anyone actually wants to talk to me, they have to call either Mom #2 or Baby Boy on their cell phones and have them to tell me to answer my phone . . . because I have no problem letting it ring all day long.

I actually have probably only initiated a hand full of phone calls in my entire life, and the majority of those were to call businesses and complain. Complaining is my phone specialty. If I'm on the phone, I'm usually ticked off . . . but I've put all my usual issues with the telephone aside and tried to call Mom every day this week now.

Here's how it's been going:

  • On Monday, she couldn't talk because she was out shopping to buy herself a new outfit so she could get her mind off the stress of losing her job (yes, the one she walked in and quit without notice).

  • On Tuesday, she couldn't talk because she was going to a matinĂ©e with some lady from her church.

  • On Wednesday, she couldn't talk because she was getting a massage.

  • This morning, I thought I'd mix it up a bit and call her early this morning, before she got out and about. But the joke was on me! Do you know that she is already on her way to get a manicure so she can be done in time for a "ladies who lunch" session with her church lady friend?

Apparently, I've been living my life the wrong way all these years. I thought that if you had no job, no income of any kind, and threw away your chances of collecting unemployment income, you saved money, not spent it all, but alas . . . as usual, I am mistaken.

Insanity ~ ~ Membership has it's privileges.


Until Next Time . . .

Monday, July 28, 2008

These Are Some Of My Favorite Things . . .

When I went back and re-read my last post, it was so depressing that even I was sick of reading it halfway through . . . so thanks so much for all the love and support you all have been sending me via email and cyber-blog-land. Sometimes the internet can be a magical and marvelous thing. . . as someone so supportively pointed out to me in an email last week. It can also be a big scary wasteland for weirdos as another friend pointed out last week as well. Luckily for me, so far I've only had to deal with the former. Yeah!

Due to all the positive energy, well wishes, and prayers all have sent my way. I am in high spirits today. Mom is still not well, but we already knew that and I'm buckled in tight for my long bumpy ride.

On the other hand, my back is much better and I am actually walking around now, slowly, but unassisted, and I've been making trips to the potty all by myself like the big girl I just know I am, LOL. This is such a relief to poor overworked Mom #2. I think I'm going to try to make a few crock-pot meals this week as standing for extended periods of time is not quite yet in my repertoire, but sitting on my butt all day is not quite how I would like to spend it either.

Oh, and in celebration of my new high spirits . . . as promised by the title of this post . . . here are some of my favorite things that have happened to me in the last week. I think Mother Nature is back in my corner!

A fabulous care package from my most thoughtful Mother-in-Law.

We don't tippie toe around the truth here. Good classic literature is for school, gossipy smut is for leisure ;-).

Is it very telling of who I am to let you all know that I was more excited about the plastic storage container than all the loot inside of it?

A teenage son who loves his Moms and isn't embarrassed to be seen with us in public.

A Baby Doggy who will give up his entire afternoon to make sure nothing happens to the brand new Grand-baby, even though deep down he's extremely jealous of her very presence.

A rainbow that shows up right here after a hurricane hits about 300 miles away and scares all of Mom #2's family and gets them very very wet, but doesn't hurt them at all.

Don't forget to take a moment to catalog your own favorite things this week. Thanks again, and have a wonderful week !

Until Next Time . . .

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm Going To Need Some Support . . . Sad and Scared Today . . .

I really don't know how to start this off. I am having a very bad day. I may or may not have mentioned this, but my Mother recently divorced my father after 36 years of marriage. Neither of them are perfect, but they probably could have worked it out, after all, they had been working it out for 36 years.

My mother has a very long history of mental illness. She is prone to severe depression, paranoia, some schizophrenic tendencies. One thing she really likes to do is decide that everyone at her job is plotting to gang up on her, make her feel stupid, and get her fired. What she usually does is quit said job so she can "show them." That usually is the catalyst for a long list of other unreasonable behaviors
that land her in therapy sometimes inpatient / sometimes outpatient depending on the severity. She has a cemetery full of job headstones that have bit the dust due to this behavior. On a couple of occasions, she has had emotional breakdowns on the job and has had to be carried away by police or ambulance.

She refuses to acknowledge this mental illness. As far as she is concerned, we want to control her actions and it simply does not exist. Our regular positive relationship goes straight into the toilet when she is in her "condition."

Last Thursday, she walked into her job and quit.

When I asked her why she quit. She said that her boss was talking to her about some paperwork but at the same time was sending her subliminal messages that she doesn't have any common sense and she was being given just enough rope to hang herself.

I'm so scared for her. I'm so scared for my whole family. The hills and valleys that my family goes through during her "episodes" are not cute. They are not funny. They are not entertaining. They are downright miserable.

Mom #2, my sister and I went over to her apartment yesterday to stage some sort of intervention to ask her to get help now before she spirals too far out of control. She got very angry, tried to curse us out (but she doesn't curse, so that part was actually quite amusing), and then proceeded to try to throw us out of her house for not trusting her decision making abilities.

My Dad has always taken care of her during these times, and in all honesty, he really does still love her and pretty much still supports her financially even though she threw him out of their family home and treats him like an ATM. They'd been married since they were 16 and 19, and he really doesn't know who else he's supposed to love now.

Since she's no longer married and I'm the oldest, I think I have to step up and try to get her the help she needs, but my stubborn irreverent attitude is something I inherited solely from my very difficult mother.

It's going to be a long summer.

If you have any positive energy to spare, please put it in a box and send it my way.

Until next time . . .

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wii Are NOT Amused!

As I half sit, half lay here in my drug induced haze. . . I have lots of time to contemplate many things:

  • The meaning of life . . .

    • The future of our planet . . .

      • When will the price of gas go back down . . .
Instead I lay here devastated and embarrassed. Many have asked . . . and I have coyly batted my eyelashes Marilyn Monroe style and kept my silence.

But today, for the first time due to incredible pressure from my so-called family, I will admit out loud where all the world can hear, see, whatever; now all the world will know.

The rumors are true. Yes, I hurt my back kicking butt during the hula hoop challenge on Wii Fit.

Well, now that I am thoroughly humiliated, I do have one thing to add. Even with all my pain I set a new record that still stands! Yes! It's OK to play injured, I mean, that's what got Tiger Woods the green blazer, right?

By the way, I'm still flat on my back, of no good use to anything or anyone, but I'm proud to say that it was all for a good cause. Now that kid knows who's the most pathetic boss!

Take that, Baby Boy!    I mean, Mommy Loves You!

*Sigh*, I guess confession is good for the soul.

Until next time . . .

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Best #2 In The West . . .

. . . and the east and the north and the south !

I just want to take a moment to say I Mom #2.

I'm sure you all already know that, but she has gone up and beyond her normal call of duty. Let me give you a run-down of her normal duties: wake up, get dressed, walk towards door while I hand her a pre-packed breakfast and lunch, drive to work, stay there all day doing something (I'm not sure what, but that's another post), come home, have a seat and eat prepared hot meal (courtesy of moi), relax for a couple of hours, shower, go to bed.

Well . . . yesterday I threw my back out. All the way out. It's done. Over. Will not pass go. Will not allow me to collect my $200. I'm flat on my gluteus maximus.

Mom #2 got me up this morning after helping me go potty several times last night; helped me shower; fed me; called several doctors who would accept the uninsured with a same day appointment and would take cash but not too much cash; drove me to my appointment; sat with me for three hours while I cried softly and waited to be "worked in;" took me to get my prescriptions (a yummy narcotic cocktail); drove me home; fixed me something to eat; helped me back into bed; then as a bonus took Baby Boy to a Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament that I had promised to take him to and is now fixing us all a yummy dinner.

Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it all.

I don't know when I've ever felt so fortunate. She's the bomb!

Until next time . . .

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If You Work for U.P.S. or Love Someone Who Does . . . Do Not Enter! (A Rant)

OK. Mr. UPS and I should be old friends. We've done lots and lots and lots of business together. Baby Boy receives medical supplies via UPS every single month of his life. I also use them for other miscellaneous shipping tasks. Actually we have a rather simple arrangement: I pay my hard earned money and Mr. UPS' job is to deliver my packages timely and safely.

Lately Mr. UPS has not been holding up his end of the bargain. To this I say the following . . .

Dear Mr. UPS,

First of all, I live in a gated community. This is not the only gated community. My town is full of them. It is to be expected that you will come across a gate every now and then on your delivery route. The gate is equipped with an intercom. WHY DON'T YOU USE THE INTERCOM???? I am home. I will let you in. It is a very simple intercom system. I even provided the intercom code to you when I requested delivery. I also gave you my home and cell phone number. If you could not figure out the intercom, why didn't you try to use the telephone? I know that you can use a telephone because whenever I see you driving, you have one hand on the wheel and the other on said telephone. Why not use that telephone hand to dial me up? I am not angry. I am a nice girl. I'm a nice girl who wants her package.

Secondly, I wonder, why do you insist on leaving my packages with the property manager? The property manager does not want my packages. She will not call me and tell me that I have packages. She gets very snippy with me when I call her to ask if I have packages every single day. She wants to know why I don't check the tracking number and see if my packages are there. I told her that it is true that you have a very yummy website that is supposed to track my delicious packages in real time, but you are too lazy to scan them properly so I am forced to "guesstimate" when my packages are either baking in the sun on your lunch break or sitting in her office. Either way I am certain that my package is not up here in my home where it belongs.

Third of all, Mr. UPS, I want to know why you have a job that consist of driving to various addresses around town when you cannot read. I really don't understand why your website said my package had been delivered and signed for by me when I am sitting here in my house not enjoying the contents of my package. I also don't understand why I called my property manager, who wishes I would just die, and asked if I had a package, she said "No." So I had to get my yellow pages out and call other various gated communities in my area and find my package which had been dropped off and not signed for by me in a community that I do not even live in. How come when I called that community's property manager and asked if I could drive over and get my package, she told me that she is not authorized to release it to me because I don't live in her community. How come she also informed me that she had to call you back, Mr. UPS, and have you come pick up the package so that it could be scanned properly and redelivered to the right address.

And finally, and most importantly, Mr. UPS, I would like to know why I have been hold for 20 minutes trying to speak to your supervisor to complain about you and hopefully get you fired. I am not normally a vengeful person, but I have to say that I hope today is your very last day.

Thanks for listening. I really needed to get this one off my chest.

Until next time . . .

Friday, July 11, 2008

If I felt bad yesterday . . . then today may just push me over the edge!

Look who just came home with his first paycheck.

I may need to take some of you up on those margarita offers now. Oy!

. . . Until next time

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today My Mood Is . . . Sappy Mom . . .

I'm feeling a little down today.

I'm usually full of fun and witty ideas, but I'm just fresh out right now. I could post some pictures, but then I'd have to turn on the other computer where I store them. Since it's about 3 AM, I don't want to make any noise and wake up anyone. I'm not much of a sleeper. I never have been. If I sleep for 3 or 4 hours a night, I'm good all day long. I plan to get up at 7:45 so I've got a few hours. I should be OK.

Actually, I know it sounds silly, but I'm miserable a little sad that we're taking a break from schoolwork. I LOVE teaching Baby Boy, and while he relishes the breaks, I loathe them. I've never thought of myself much as the teacher. I consider myself more of the "coordinator." I try to provide healthy and usable resources. I like to guide him in the general and preferable direction and see how he "goes" with it. Anyway, this summer, more than any other summer . . . as the junior year approaches . . . I've been thinking that my time with him will be ending soon. He has a very independent spirit and I know he'll want to get away from me go away to college. Shoot, we're already considering community college classes for next year.

I really don't want to be one of those cling-on Moms who doesn't know when enough is enough, but frankly when I'm talking about Baby Boy, enough is never enough and too much is still never enough. He's the light of my existence. I want him to be/feel/know so much better than I ever was/felt/knew growing up. I'm not sure what's going on with me; I guess I'm feeling a little pathetic nostalgic.

I haven't been working much lately. Summer months are slow. I guess with us taking a break from school on top of that, I may just have a little too much free time on my hands. Too much free time tends to dampen the mood for me. I like being a busy bee. Of course, when I am busy, I like to complain about it. I'm from a family with two military parents, complaining is what I do best, LOL.

Ooohhh look at me, I think I'm cheering up already.

Anyway, since my post is such a bore bummer today, I did want to mention that RegularMom has an excellent post on her blog right now regarding healthier eating and a healthier life in general. If you don't stop by her blog often, you should. It's a keeper.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Maybe after The Young and the Restless some rest, I'll be in better spirits.

Until next time . . .

Monday, July 7, 2008

Good Moring . . . Some Thoughts . . .

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend filled with family, fun, and lots of love. I also hope everyone took time to remember our troops both home and abroad who have pledged their lives for our country. No matter what side of the war debates we're all on, I think we can all agree that we want our boys and girls home safe and sound. As a former military brat, I know that we sometimes find ourselves in predicaments we never thought we would, but prayers and well-wishing from home is what keeps you warm at night.

We stayed home for Independence Day this year. Since we moved into town, we aren't allowed to do fireworks, although it didn't seem to stop some of our neighbors from setting them off. It about drove Baby Doggy insane. They do broadcast our local fireworks show on television, so we did watch that. We haven't actually gone to see them in a few years, because it's one of those events where you have to get up and get a good spot at about 8 AM even though the fireworks don't start until 9:30 PM. Since we are on our 30 - somethingth day of over 100 degree heat, we just weren't up for it this year. Maybe next year, we'll see.

Baby Boy is finally finished with his Geometry lessons. We are all so glad. We are going to spend this week doing some semi-standardized testing, and after that a few weeks off for summer break. I think we're both looking forward to it; for sure we've earned it.

I'm trying to think through and plan our future studies, and I'm hitting a brick wall. I'm not at a point where I can actually verbalize what I want to do with our homeschool program, so, of course that's limiting my selections as far as curriculum goes. I think next year I would like for our program to look more original instead of so school-at-homey, but at the same time I haven't completely bought into the unschooling perspective. I think I need something in the middle. I need something more relaxed and not so rigid, yet equally effective, with some sort of accountability for both parent and student. If anyone knows of anything like that, please feel free to drop me a line. I'm open for suggestions, and no too proud to beg.

Other than that, everything is going smoothly here. Our grand daughter is growing nicely. I don't have any pictures this week, but you can be sure more will be forthcoming soon.

Thanks for dropping by.

Until next time . . .

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Son - The Genius!

Baby Boy had his belt testing at tae kwon do this past weekend. He did very well, remembered all his forms, etc . . . BUT the highlight of the whole event, for me, was when he showed off his great big home-schooled brain! Mom #2 and I were pumped up for hours afterwards!

The audio is a little distorted, but if you pay attention, you get the gist of it.

Until next time . . .

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