Sunday, December 25, 2011

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!!!!

From our Family . . . to Yours!!!!

Until next time . . .

Friday, December 23, 2011

Miscellaneous Holiday Musings . . .

Last week Baby Boy had surgery.  Nothing major, as he does have this same procedure every year.  Mom #2 and I always anxiously await biopsy results.  For the first time in literally 10 years the biopsy found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  We're so excited!  We feel like we have just witnessed our very own private Christmas miracle.  There is usually a little something, often a lot of something, but we are extremely grateful for absolutely nothing.  Hurray!  I hope this positive trend is indicative of our fortune for the new year.

Even though no one in this family is Italian or Catholic, Mom #2 and I decided to have a Feast of Seven Fishes for Christmas Eve dinner this year.  Why?  Because we like seafood.  It's yummy!  We felt like doing something a little different from the same old thing . . . our families were VERY against any Christmas change in the Christmas day meal, so we're having our own pre-Christmas whatever-the-heck-we-want celebration on Christmas Eve with our family and Mom #2's daughter, son-in-law, and the three Fairies. 

I have a 40 point cleaning list posted on the pantry door.  All of those items must be done before a single guest is allowed to set foot in this house.  We got about half of them done today, so that puts us right on schedule.  Mom #2 and I have done almost all of our assignments.  Baby Boy is procrastinating.  Oh, the joys of being 18.  If he thinks he'll enjoy one. single. moment of Christmas without getting his assigned cleaning duties completed, he has another think coming, I assure you.

Finally, Baby Boy experienced some natural consequences today.  Because he procrastinated so much ordering a gift for his *ahem* *cough* girlfriend *cough* and it just got here today, he had to pay almost three times what I consider a reasonable amount to get it to her by Christmas, since she's not exactly local.  Now he sees why I preach "The early bird gets the worm," all day and all night.  Once again, the joys of being 18. 

Nothing earth shattering.  Just wanted to catch y'all up on everything that has been going on with us this Holiday Season. 

I wish you all love, peace, and prosperity in everything you say, think, and do this Holiday Season!

Until next time . . .

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Taste of Victory!!!!

Last Thursday was the OFFICIAL last day of the semester for Baby Boy and me!!!

Since we're so darn proud of ourselves, we decided to have a victory meal.  Baby Boy planned the menu as follows:

  • Barbecue Chicken Wings
  • Homemade Pasta Salad, and
  • Hand-cut Home Fries

Which, of course doesn't include the strawberry fruit bars we had for dessert, YUMMY.   

I have to admit, it is one of the strangest meals I've ever eaten.   Mom #2 and I thought the entire thing was hilarious, but Baby Boy REALLY enjoyed the Taste of Victory!

We never could say "No" to the tummy desires of a hungry Baby Boy.  It's just the Mom in us, I guess.  I'm so proud of him for getting another semester of school behind him.

Congratulations, Baby Boy, YOU DID IT!!!!

Until next time . . .

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm Already Having a Freaky Fun Christmas!!!

Well I'd like to say that I successfully completed two VERY intense presentations at school over the last couple of weeks.  One in Spanish, OMG, that was tough.  The other was presenting a research poster on a project I've been working on all semester.  It was so intense and scary.  I hate speaking in front of groups, especially when I'm supposed to be an expert on something and I feel like a blubbering idiot on the subject, LOL.  But look, I'm still alive . . . I'm battling hell week right now, but that's ok, after this, it'll be over. 

One reason I was able to get through the last week was because of some great advice and just a general friendly listening ear from one of my very best blogging buddies, Freakmom.  Thanks to her years of experience speaking in front of groups, she really helped me calm my nerves and get the job done.  I was all ready to send her a thank-you email, when something super special showed up in my mailbox. 

 Isn't it beautiful??!!!! 

It's a real live handmade knitted from scratch scarf!  I've never had anyone sit down and actually make something with their own two hands while thinking of me.  I just about burst into tears when I saw it.  It's just the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.  It really made my whole day/week/month/year/lifetime. 

It got here just in time too, because it's been freakishly cold here in Central Texas.  You know, I don't do well when the temperature falls below 65 degrees.  That's hibernating weather to me!

See, I like it so much, I'm wearing it right now.  

This is how my face looks with no make-up.  Don't allow your small children to look directly into the computer screen, they may turn to stone.  Grownups, you can just ignore it if you like.  How do you like my Merry Christmas Rudolph pajamas?  We're already in full-fledged Christmas mode right now.  

Anyway, What a Freaky Fresh start to the Christmas season. 

Thanks, Freakmom!

Until next time . . .

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