Monday, December 12, 2011

The Taste of Victory!!!!

Last Thursday was the OFFICIAL last day of the semester for Baby Boy and me!!!

Since we're so darn proud of ourselves, we decided to have a victory meal.  Baby Boy planned the menu as follows:

  • Barbecue Chicken Wings
  • Homemade Pasta Salad, and
  • Hand-cut Home Fries

Which, of course doesn't include the strawberry fruit bars we had for dessert, YUMMY.   

I have to admit, it is one of the strangest meals I've ever eaten.   Mom #2 and I thought the entire thing was hilarious, but Baby Boy REALLY enjoyed the Taste of Victory!

We never could say "No" to the tummy desires of a hungry Baby Boy.  It's just the Mom in us, I guess.  I'm so proud of him for getting another semester of school behind him.

Congratulations, Baby Boy, YOU DID IT!!!!

Until next time . . .


Freakmom said...

You did it! I'm so proud of you!! Now relax and have a few extra Christmas cookies, you deserve them. :)

Ami said...

You're both amazing!! And although I'm not fond of pasta salad, it looks like a great meal.

And am I the only one who's noticed how tall and handsome that boy has become?

Boy? Naw. He's a man now.

Anonymous said...

Woo! Congratulations to you BOTH!!!

That meal looks pretty tasty to me... :D

Mel R said...

Congrats! Time to enjoy the holiday season! And referring back to Ami, no she is not the only one who's noticed how tall and handsome "baby" boy has gotten! He is looking very manly these days. :-)

Jennifer, in Vancouver said...

Enjoy your holiday rest Mom#1 and Baby Boy! It is indeed very well earned.

(And yes, I totally understand how sometimes you want something very specific for a meal!)

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