Friday, September 23, 2011

Week C - I mean Week 5 - Family Style

Week 5 ends on a bit of a sour note as the heat in my classes is turned up dramatically.   

My psychology class has finally become manageable for me, and hopefully my Japanese class will follow.  The difficulty is only increasing, but I, along with my study-buddies, are slowly but surely starting to understand the material and cope with the onslaught of new information coming at us.   

As for chemistry. . .  well that’s a different story.  I was recently put squarely in my place by a surprising C level grade on my first exam.  Why this happened is still somewhat of a mystery to me; however, I am now stepping up my studying tenfold to ensure that this is permanently a ONE-TIME DEAL!!!  

Fortunately, I was able to re-test.  The new grade is yet to be determined . . . One can only hope!   

Until next time. . .

Well, I don't have any good news, so I'll just start with the bad news. 

I had a majorly dramatic bit of a breakdown this week.  I spent the majority of if wailing and crying solemnly reflecting on my brain's apparent saturation level.  I'm sure I've reached it.  It started with me getting a %$$@#$%% darn C on my astronomy test (didn't I mention how much I hate tests), and just kept rolling downhill from there.  Fortunately, my professor does drop one test grade and even allows an extra credit project to help pump up grades, but I have to admit, that C was a huge blow to my confidence.  I mean, if I can't do any better than a C in conceptional astronomy for non-science majors . . . then seriously . . . what am I even doing there?

I'm taking today off.  The end.  I'll take positive energy, if you have any. 

Oh, last week Wendy asked for an update on Mom #2, who was oh-so-gracious as to sit still for a minute and give you all a personal update:

Hello Mom #2 here, the last time I wrote on this blog I had hacked in ;) 

I just wanted to stop by and give an update on what I've been up to.

Mostly I've been working.  I wish I could also say gardening, but when the temperature is over 105 degrees every day, it's hard to keep the plants alive. Aside from that, I've been daydreaming about a vacation but not exactly sure where to go. So if anyone knows of a great weekend getaway in Texas please let me know.

Oh yeah also if you could convince Mom #1 to be a home school Mom again (minus the kid of course) that would be GREAT!!!!!!!  ;)

Happy Autumnal Equinox! 
(I learned about that in astronomy, LOL)

Until next time . . .


karisma said...

Baby Boy: I am unsure of how advanced with that Japanese you are but it just so happens I found an interesting way of learning it the other day using Manga. Don't know about you, but my kids would like it better that way. I will look up the link again and send it on. They send out books and cds and its pretty cheap so worth a go if you are interested.

Mom #1: I don't like tests either, we don't do them. LOL Stress less beautiful and just have fun!

Mom #2: I am so not telling her to stay home if she wants to go out! BUT I know you are just worrying about her so I understand. Give her a big hug and smoochie from me okay? ;-) I wish you could have some garden time too, I love the garden. As for holidays, I have no idea in Texas but Bali is awesome! And so cheap! I think the airfares are the worst bit.

Oooh I know, you can all come down here, Mom #1 can homeschool MY kids! And WE can play in the garden! (ahem and then head down the beach all together!) Now that sounds like a plan. LOL

SabrinaT said...

Mom #2, JAPAN!! Sure, its a bit further then Texas... But, Baby boy and Christopher can sit and speak Japanese with Christopher's tutor... OH, and you can garden ALL you want the weather is beautiful..

Mom#1 can home school my kids!


Anonymous said...

It's so great to hear from all 3 of you this time! :D

Baby Boy, I am seriously impressed with your endeavors. It is very clear that Mom #1 and Mom #2 did an excellent job rearing you, and that you are continue to grow into an intelligent, responsible young man. When people ask me why I homeschool my son, I think of you and your family. You guys inspire me greatly.

Good luck this semester and keep up the hard work!

Aw, Mom #1, so sorry to hear that you had a rough week. Taking a mental health day was a great idea, and it's good that you did it. Hugs to you! You will succeed this semester!

Hi Mom #2! Long time, no read! Yeesh, 105 degrees or more? I don't blame you for working and staying indoors. A vacation sounds like a good idea - but maybe up north to see the foliage and get away from those temperatures. ;)

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