Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Catch-up Potpourri: Mom's Gonna Live, Salamander Art, A Movie Review, & A Sentimental Field Trip.

It's been such a long time since I blogged. I feel overwhelmed with all of the things I want to talk about. I hate really long posts, especially when they have only a couple of pictures (or worse, none - the horror), so I'll try to just put a quick blurb about each item I want to mention. Being extremely long-winded is my Achilles Heel, so I'll do my best. ;-)

First and foremost - I'M WELL!

Well, I'm mostly well. I have been so under the weather for so long that I finally went to the doctor. For the working poor and uninsured, which is who my family is (all except Baby Boy), this is a major deal. I have to pull out the yellow-pages and find a doctor who will see me, who won't judge me, and who won't price-gouge me because I want to pay cash. I have to find a doctor who will do a thorough exam, yet won't do any unnecessary testing because I'm paying cash. Who will hopefully have a solution, but will have samples of that solution, because I'm paying cash. So I guess it's understood - I had to pay cash. Anyway, I thought for sure that I was infected with the plague all over my body, but the doctor assured me it was an extreme case of cedar fever, gave me a bag full of samples of miscellaneous allergy medications and told me to get on them right away while we're having a short cold front so my body could get ready before the cedar pollen gets back into the air. I will admit, I doubted his diagnosis, but within three days of starting his recommended regime, I'm as good as new! Hurray! My doctor was kind and considerate, expeditious yet thorough, mindful of my financial situation without being condescending, apparently right-on with his diagnosis, and very generous with the Rx samples. I've filed his phone number and office address in my Rolodex for definite future use. A success!

To all who emailed your well wishes, when I say I have not been on the computer AT ALL, believe me. I was miserable and unable to do anyone any good, so I stayed away. So please allow me to say right now, en masse, Thank you so very much. I really appreciate it and it's great to know that people really do care. I've been known to be a cynic, but on this I'll just let that stand.

We have not done much school work in the past couple of weeks since I last posted. We have been sort of hit and missing our lesson plan. Baby Boy has done a lot of work on his own, but the fun stuff we usually do together has been sort of lacking. We did finally get an art lesson off the ground. We studied analogous colors - using drawings of salamanders to illustrate our point. Have a look, why don't you . . .

Analogous Colors

By Baby Boy


By Mom #1

Also, we finally did get around to watching The Philadelphia Story. It has youthful Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and Katharine Hepburn. What's not to like, the eye candy alone is worth the viewing time. One thing I have learned about older movies, in order for me to really appreciate them, I have to watch them at least twice. They don't spoon-feed you the plot like movies do today. They are complex and complicated and witty and sly and you have to really pay attention to both the brazen and the innuendo to really get a good grip on the story. Baby Boy and I have viewed it a few times in answering our discussion questions, and it is simply an amazing story. It's so sharply and humorously written and acted. It's so amazing how the beautiful people just acted in the movie instead of walking around like they are always in a full length mirror. They seem so uninhibited by their breathtaking appearances. Actors today could really learn a lesson in class from this trio. Actually it was a foursome. Ruth Hussey is second billed, but just as beautiful and equally good in this movie. I won't give away too much about the film other than to say, it's a hilarious comedy of errors . . . what Three's Company could have been if Chrissy had stayed dressed more often. Definitely a must-see.

I do have some sad news. My great-grandmother passed away last week. She was a fiery pistol of a woman and so stubborn that I thought for sure she would outlive us all. Although her health had been declining for a few months now, I was honestly shocked and saddened by her passing. We took a few days last week to drive the 7 hours home and visit with family and attend her memorial services. It was a sad yet pleasant occasion. No one is foolish enough to harbor ill-will regarding the passing of such a long and fruitful life. She worked and retired from her government job, while raising livestock and also growing, preserving and selling vegetables every year. And she didn't have a little hobby garden, we are talking about a farm! She was a well rounded woman who did it all and never apologized for any of it. I know that I am blessed; not many people in their mid 30's live to see their great grandmother. I am glad that my son, her great, great, grandson got to know and appreciate her into his teenage years before she passed away. She even lived to see some of her great, great, great grandchildren. Long lifelines run in my family, (I sure hope to have one) and the older generations harbor history lessons that cannot be taught in books or found on websites; it has to lived, cherished, and passed down. So I am honored to be one of the loved by my great grandmother, and I am sure she is resting in peace right now. She certainly has earned it.

Oh, my goodness, I could go on and on, but I think I'll call it quits for today. We do have some other things in the works right now, but I am not level headed enough to comment gracefully right now. And really grace is key for a lady.

I have SO MANY blogs that I haven't visited in a couple of weeks, so I'll be trying to stop by all of those in the next few days. Missed you all!



Holly said...

I'm sorry about your great grandmother. But, glad to hear of her full life. I hope that we all have such a life.

Good find on the Dr. When we were adopting DS, apparently we got the hardest to get into ped. in town because we were paying cash. She wasn't taking new clients with insurance, but she took cash patients. Well, once the adoption was final, we had insurance, and we already patients. Tricky stuff. :-)

Glad you're feeling better. We're under the weather now, hopefully it won't last long.

Ami said...

I am so aggravated at the health care in this country. I'm so glad you found someone to take care of you... who wasn't full of crap!

Thank you for reading my blog so much. That means I have like nine readers now!


Hope you continue to feel better!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I'm so glad to e-see you back and well! I have never heard of Cedar fever. Is that just another "doctor" word for allergies? I'm also so very sorry for your lost.

Oh,someone on HSR had a Apologia Biology (I think) book for you, if you hadn't check yet.

Freakmom said...

I'm glad you are back and feeling better! You were missed!!

SabrinaT said...

Glad you are back!! And feeling well. Don't get me started on medical! What is cedar fevar? Whatever it is, glad you are well.

Anonymous said...

Just peeking in on ya. How are you doing? Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

How are you doing, bloggin' bud? I've been missing ya on the boards and in the blogsphere. : (

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