Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Depression Hurts . . .

 . . . And so does my hip. :(

I got a little over excited playing Wii Just Dance 2. 

That darn Rhianna song on there really got me jamming and I threw out my hip. 

I'm so freaking depressed because it seems like every time I have try to have some physical fun with the family, I hurt myself. 

Mom #2 says it's because I'm too competitive and push myself too hard so I can win every single game.  I do admit that I am a tad bit competitive . . . but still . . . games are fun . . . but . . . winning games is AWESOME!!!

Y'all should see me gimping around campus with my backpack.  Considering I'm at least twice as old as everyone else there, that limp really adds to my old lady charm. I mean, seriously, geriatric much? 

*SIGH*  Never a dull moment over here at Dos Mamas.

Until next time . . .


:)De said...

I was missing you yesterday and checked to see if a post had snuck by me, so imagine my big cheesy grin to see you post today! Sorry about your injury, but were you at least able to shake one little final victory dance before taking to your walker? LOL!

karisma said...

(((HUGS))) Maybe you should let someone else win sometimes lovely? LOL Wish I could have been there, I also love a good dance AND don't get me started on the Karaoke. hehe!

Tara said...

Take it easy and feel better soon!
Maybe you can switch to shoot 'em up games for a while? We're huge fans of the snowball fight over here.

Jennifer, in Vancouver said...

Oh dear - we've been missing hearing your news and thoughts, but hope you got all your applications off okay. Hope you feel better soon and big hellos to all!

michelle said...

No pain, no gain, right? ;-)
I hear you though. Getting old stinks. Heck, I hurt after just walking around the mall!

I recommend the 3 I's. Ice, ibuprofen, and a big bowl of ice cream.

Feel better!

The Foil Hat said...

I'm glad to see you back here. I'm sorry you're gimpy, though. Getting old sucks, doesn't it?

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