Friday, January 1, 2010

Doting Decade . . . A Memior

Can you believe we've survived a full decade into the 2000's?

Remember partying like it was 1999, but the whole you were doing the whop with a Long Island Tea in your hand,  you had a little twinge of fear in the back of your mind that the world may just end when the ball dropped?  Remember?  I know y'all remember, don't act like it was just me.

My Dad is a computer guy and had to work all night long that night, LOL, good times.  

Of course, New Years Day is always a time of reflection for me so I thought I'd muse aloud over some of my past decade of experiences.  In the past 10 years I have: 

  • Had surgery to remove a humongous extra scary tumor, but rejoiced evermore that it was benign. 
  • Turned a fractured family of two into a FANTASTIC family of three.  Hurray for Mom #2!
  • Discovered a rich new culture in the Hispanic community and began the painful yet enlightening process of full-fledged heritage blending.  Mom #2 is a patient and long suffering saint. 
  • Moved from the ghetto to suburbia.  Suburbia is better, but kind of far from everything.  
  • Speaking of moving, moved three four five times, I think I like this house.   
  •  Finally talked my way into the promotion that I always deserved at work, and then promptly quit that job to homeschool. 
  • Oh yeah, started homeschooling.   
  • Began indulging my love of the arts, especially the Opera.  
  • Became Mommy to two super adorable Baby Doggies. 
  • Buried one super adorable Baby Doggy.  R.I.P., Diesel the Weasel.   
  • Watched my parents get divorced after 36 years of marriage.  So sad.  
  • Became painfully aware and subsequently in charge of my Mom's mental illness.  So sadder.    
  • Buried Mom #2's grandma.  
  • Buried my grandma. 
  • Buried my great-grandma.
  • Gained a brand new step-grandma.  I'm still working through this one.  *SIGH*
  • Mom #2 and I became grandmas.  Three times.  Please pass the Oil of Olay.  
    •  Became hopelessly and ridiculously addicted to The Young and The Restless.  Mom #2 brought that addiction with her, but I have to admit, I joined in without much convincing. 
    •  Became a tae kwon do Mom.
    • Became an Ultimate Frisbee Mom.  
    • Watched an adorable little elementary school boy grow into a handsome young collegiate man.  In case you didn't know, I'm talking about Baby Boy.  ;-)

    Not too shabby, eh?

    BTW, New Years Day is the anniversary of the day Mom #2, Baby Boy and I all became a family.  Happy Anniversary to US. 

    Usually I would insert some glittery slide show full of family photos, but now that we have the new photographic header, it just seems redundant.  If you're missing it this year, you can see last year's right here . . . if you're not in the mood for that . . . you can just scroll back up to the top and look at the header photos again . . . or you can just not do either and pretend you did, LOL.  My feelings won't be hurt.  

    I can't wait to see what 2010 brings to us.  There are so many sparkly changes on the horizon, I better get my shades.   I'll bring a pair for you too.  Ray-Bans anyone?


    Until next time . . .


    Jana said...

    Happy Anniversary !!!

    It has been a fantastic decade for the most part. Here's to an even better one ahead. Where's my Raybans ?????

    Please add a cane - wheel chair - walker, as I may very well need one to chase the teens I will have at the end of the next decade LOL

    Anonymous said...

    That is a rollercoaster decade. And, looking ahead to the "elementary to college age" decade, I can't say I envy your position at the moment. I'm sure great new adventures are ahead, but being at the cusp - that I don't envy.

    Luckily for me, I get to "watch" you do it first :-)

    Jason, as himself said...

    Wow. What a decade! I'd say overall you came out way on top! Good for you!!!

    Now I just did a review of the last one year. Seeing this review of the last decade, I think I shall copy your idea. Is that okay, Mom#1? I promise I won't copy the events, just the idea. :)


    Ami said...

    Happy Anniversary!!

    I have seen lots of retrospectives of the past decade this morning in my readings... yours touched my heart.


    Happy... everything!

    The Mom said...

    Wow I think if I made a line up everything we did in the last 10 years it would scare me LOL

    Freakmom said...

    Happy Anniversary! How many years has it been? I was rewatching your slide show from last year, gosh Baby Boy really does grow up (like up about a foot!) right before your eyes.

    Happy New Year!

    Anonymous said...

    Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary... just plain old Happy! I'm a pretty new reader, but it seems that you move through life with a tremendous amount of grace. I hope 2010 is filled with wonderful things for all!

    :)De said...

    What a decade! You left out: provided copious amounts of knowledge, encouragement and friendship.


    Holmes Family said...

    I was babysitting that night, and slightly hoping the world would end (I was a rather dark morbid individual then...lots of issues).

    Happy anniversary to you and your wonderful family. Ya'll have had a busy ten years!

    SabrinaT said...

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! I am doing a look back over at my place tooo....

    Jennifer in Vancouver said...

    Happy New Year/New Decade to all of you! And happy anniversary to you two great moms!

    I loved your decade retrospective. Lots of ups and downs, but overall, it sounds like a pretty good decade for all of you. Here's wishing that the next decade is even better...

    karisma said...

    Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary! Had to laugh at you moving 5 times in a decade...I was getting itchy feet as we have lived in this house for nearly 12 years now. Before that we moved a lot too LOL!

    Hope this year is full of love, happiness, peace and harmony for you all! Big hugs and smoochies xoxoxox

    Anonymous said...

    You and Holly have definitely inspired me...going to try to do one of these posts too! I gotta say, you all have had an eventful and love-filled decade. SO glad I got to grab onto your coat-tails here toward the end of it!! Here's to the next one!!

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