Friday, November 14, 2008

This week . . .

. . . was great! Fun, busy, and productive . . . everything life should be for a homeschooling family.

I'm so glad to have made up for our lack of getting anything done last week. So without further ado . . . let's get on down to the weekly report:

  • In Literature, Baby Boy and I read and analyzed the short story, The Open Boat, by Stephen Crane. I'd actually never read it before, so this made for interesting discussion between Baby Boy and myself. An interesting tidbit is that this story is actually a fictionalized account of a shipwreck that Stephen Crane himself actually lived though. Of course we're still doing our SAT prep vocabulary, and Baby Boy is doing excellent in that regard.
  • In Algebra 2, we finished up a chapter on Powers and Exponents. Luckily Baby Boy is pretty good in math, so we haven't had any major problems yet, but I'll reserve judgment until further notice. The problem is the instructor when it comes to anything mathematical. All I can say is that I studied Sociology in college. 'Nuff said. I do words . . . not calculations.
  • In Human Anatomy, which Baby Boy is loving, by the way, we studied Epithelium Tissues which makes up the linings of our organs and glands. Our Human Anatomy kit came with some very interesting slides that Baby Boy more than enjoyed looking at under the microscope. He made some drawings of what he saw so that I could share them with you today:
Human Stomach Lining

Human Skin

Human Lung


Human Salivary Gland

  • In American History, we are discussing the time in America's past when the new locals are experiencing extreme dissatisfaction over the British controlling them from afar. They are beginning to support a movement to succeed as British colonies and become their own independent nation. This was the beginning of the American Revolution.
  • In Logic and Critical Thinking, we learned how to spot a genetic fallacy, which is a false argument attacking the speaker's origination of thought rather than the actual validity of the argument.
  • And finally, we did have a little time to get some art in this week. If you can remember, last year we worked with charcoals and pastels imitating some of the great artists of our past. This year, I hope to work mostly with watercolors and put our own personal spin on whatever projects we decide to take on. Because my niece's school was out for some reason today, she spent the day with us and was able to participate in our art lesson. We decided to do a Fall Leaf Sampler, in honor of the beautiful autumn weather we're having. Of course, we don't really do autumn in Texas, so we looked at some photos online to see what real fall leaves look like . . . but don't be fooled . . . not everyone in my class is all too concerned with realism in their art. I'll just say . . . some of us have a flair for the abstract, LOL.
Fall Leaf Samplers

By Baby Boy

By Baby Niece


By Mom #1

I guess I'm going to have to learn to let go and get a little more creative like the kids, LOL.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope all you other homeschooling families and friends in general had a productive week.

Until next time . . .


Anonymous said...

I wish I could listen to just a morsel of your homeschool day. It always sounds so interesting. Wonderful artwork as always. :)

Wendy Hawksley said...

Hooray for a produtive week. I'm completely jealous! Enjoy your well-deserved rest this weekend.

SabrinaT said...

When we fly home next summer I want my 2 older boys to spend the day at 2 Mom's School. Sounds like a FUN week..
Love the art...

:)De said...

Love your art work! You all are very talented. Thanks for hanging with us on vacation. LOL!


SabrinaT said...

Do you have an email address?

Anonymous said...

I love the art, both the cell sketches and the leaf drawings. But, the cell sketches could use some labels. I'm just saying. You know, if he's going to community college and all.

I was following along nicely and all until you got to logic. Huh? Maybe you can help me when James gets to that age :-)

MOM #1 said...

Hey Holly,

I think you're right about more accurate labeling on the scientific sketches . . .I'm going to implement that executive order on his next assignment.

Of course, when he revolts . . . I'll be sending him to your house for "time out." LOL.

Jason, as himself said...

You guys are busy, busy, busy!

Anonymous said...

Please send him soon. James will be delighted. He does like to play with 6 yos, right? Heck, he could probably teach school for me. Think of what I could do with all that time. ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the idea of sketching the slides. That is just too cool. Hope its ok if I steal that one! We started OUT productively, but then each and every one of us was sick by the end of the week, and it went downhill all the way. But next week is a new week!!

kitten said...


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