Friday, December 7, 2007

Bowling Fun, Ear Ache Doggy, and a Weekend Mini-Vacation For All!

We survived another week! ;-)

School went very well. We got all of our assignments done. We had homeschool bowling this week and that is always fun. It's nice to break out of our regular routine and see some new faces. A couple of boys who haven't come to bowling in a while made re-appearances. The boys were so busy talking about video games, Legos, and whatever else teenage boys talk about, that they couldn't hardly get any bowling done. It took them almost two hours to bowl 2 games. I also enjoyed visiting with the other moms. I don't get too many opportunities to have real live adult conversations in the daytime. Needless to say, a great time was had by all!

Baby Doggy has been sort of scratching at his ear a little the past couple of days. A visit to the vet confirmed that he has an ear infection. We're not exactly sure how he got it, but I imagine that I must have gotten some water in his ear during his last bath. I always try to be so careful, but I am human. I feel bad for him. He cried a little when the doctor put her lookie-thing in his ear. Poor Baby Doggy. :-( As my punishment, I get to put the ear drops into his ears twice daily for then next ten days. Believe me, this will hurt me more than it hurts him. I hate to see either of the boys in any sort of pain. Keep me in your thoughts on this one.

Mom #2 was off work this week. The portion of the job she is working on, for some reason, got postponed. So she's been underfoot all week. Oh, I have to be honest, I am glad for one thing. The Christmas lights finally got put up outside. Wonderful! She's going back to work on Monday, so I'll just leave it at this - we all survived.

I am proud to say that I am 95% done with my Christmas shopping. I am even prouder to say, that I have NOT STEPPED FOOT in any mall. YEAH! I love online shopping. As Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing."

Oh, and speaking of Christmas, I may as well just go on record now. Yes, I am a full fledged Christmas loving nutcase! My house has decorations inside and out; including Christmas shower curtains, bath mats, and toilet seat covers. Lights, lights, and more lights is my Christmas motto. We do the whole kit and caboodle. I love everything about Christmas, except the malls. I just cannot do crowded parking lots and malls at this stage of my life. It must be old age catching up with me. Yes, we still indulge in the Santa Clause tradition, although I think Baby Boy just plays along so as not to hurt my feelings. I am hanging on for dear life... He will not grow up, he will not grow up, he will not grow up.

My sister has informed me that her Christmas gift to my mom and me this year is that she will take us to see The Nutcracker. I am very excited. I have not seen it since I was a very little girl. I can't wait to get dressed up and actually leave the house at night with other grown ups. This is the life! We're not sure exactly what night we're going, but you know I 'll keep you posted.

Oh, I have news. Baby boy is spending the weekend with my mom in her brand new apartment. Mom #2 and I are going to have a much needed "grown-up weekend." I don't think we've had one in about two years. We are both giddy with anticipation. I think this might be one of the best weekends together we've had in a while. We probably won't do too much, as you know money is tight around here, but we will be together and alone. That's good enough for me.

Of course, I'll keep you posted ;-)



SabrinaT said...

I am nuts-so lady with the decorations as well. Hubby has limited me to a certing amout of rubber maid tubs.
I tell my boys all the time they are not allowed to grow up...

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