Monday, December 17, 2007

Relaxing Weekend In The Company Of Good Friends.

We had such a nice relaxing weekend. It was wonderful.

The chores got completed on time and everyone was content to play a few hands of Gin Rummy and watch DVDs. It was too cold to go outside, and we all despise pretty much any public places on weekends due to crowds - especially this time of year. So we just relaxed and had a few mugs of Mom #2's special Mexican hot chocolate. Delicious!

Baby Boy's good friend from Phoenix came and spent the entire day with us on Saturday. They ate lunch and snacked and played video games and terrorized Baby Doggy a little bit. They had a lot of fun, and I hope it won't be the last visit between them. I know it may be logistically impossible to get them together often, but I hope they do at least stay in touch. They are very close in age and have similar interests as well. When it comes to teenage boys, it seems good friends are always in short supply.

Here's a couple of photos of their happenings on Saturday.

Having a little lunch.


Teen boys' favorite pastime. . .

Playing Video Games

I wish his family a safe and happy trip home.



Freakmom said...

I hope they stay in touch also. A good friend is so special.

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