Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Day Lo-Down, My Niece's Piano Recital, and Remember That Romantic Weekend. . . IT'S BACK!

Well today is our very last day of school before the Christmas Holiday. We've been sort of doing *school light* this week. We ditched geometry all together. Last week we finished up a chapter and just didn't see the point of starting another one without being able to finish it before Christmas. We certainly didn't feel like rushing!

Baby Boy wrote a fabulous letter to Jeff and Lisa, of Rear Window fame, explaining to them in detail why they should get married. (That was his writing assignment for this week)

Of course, we have brand new art projects to report on. This week we learned about warm and cool colors and how they complement each other on the color wheel. This week's project is. . .

Warm Leaves on a Cool Background

By Baby Boy


By Mom #1

On a non-homeschool note, last night Baby Boy and I went to my niece's very first piano recital. She's only been taking lessons since August, so it was a labor of love, but that's what family is for. Right? As I've mentioned in other posts, my niece is my kindred spirit. I love her with everything I have inside me. She's an incredibly special little girl. My sister is a single mother and not able to homeschool (actually she's not the homeschooling type, so she probably wouldn't homeschool even if she could, but that's a whole different post. LOL) My niece received a full scholarship for a private all girls school because she is so wonderful and well-rounded and smart. Music lessons are part of the curriculum.

Here are a couple of photos from our visit to the recital.

Baby Boy and My Niece

My Mom, My Niece and Me (Mom #1)

And finally . . . THE PERFORMANCE!

Well, I'm off.

Baby Boy is finally getting to go on his vacation weekend to his grandma's house, so Mom #2 and I have the house to ourselves for the entire weekend. This time it is actually happening and the only way I know for sure is that he is already gone. This is a very rare treat and hasn't happened in at least two years if not a lot longer. We are a very together family. Mom #2 and I are relatively broke and probably won't do much at all this weekend. We'll probably finally get around to wrapping gifts and shuffle around in our pajamas all day. Maybe we'll watch some rated R dvds. We usually keep it PG-13 and below for Baby Boy's sake. No matter what we do, we'll be doing it together. ;-)

If I don't get back before Christmas,

Happy Holidays to all


thanks so much for stopping by!



SabrinaT said...

It is nice to have a break from school. We are taking a week. I am dancing with joy. I hope you and Mom #2 had an enjoyable time. Happy Holidays to all 3 of you. I enjoy reading about your family.

Anonymous said...

You looked as if you are really enjoying your break. You look so pretty! You go, girl!

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