Friday, November 30, 2007

One Sickly Mom and an MRI on my Kid.

This has been another fast and furious week in our household.

Mom #2 is quite a bit under the weather, so she's in quite a mood. It's that time of year when the allergens are overly abundant in the air, and she is VERY susceptible. She did work all week, but last night came home extremely run down. I fed her a nutritious meal and tucked her into bed. She snored like the dead all night long, and then when I woke her up this morning, she was positively green. So she stayed home in bed all day. Fortunately this was her day off, but she was supposed to go with me to take Baby Boy to the doctor.

I was hoping she would get the rest of the outside Christmas lights up this weekend, but with this nasty cold, it may have to wait another week or so.

I really think a big part of Mom #2's run-down and sickly demeanor is just that she is extremely tired. She is working very hard and, since we currently only have one vehicle, she is running most of my errands as well. I usually have a list of things for her to do either before work, during her lunch break, or on her way home from work. Since we lost our second vehicle, I just can't get out the way I need to, but things still need to get done. So I feel this is at least partially my fault.

Speaking of Baby Boy, he had to go have an MRI today. He was supposed to be sedated, because it was a long procedure, but when we got there, he decided to go at it with no sedation. They have these awesome virtual-reality goggles that connect to a DVD player. Baby Boy lay as still as a statue and watched Jurassic Park III. I was so proud of him because the MRI took about an hour and a half. I don't know if I would have been able to be still for that long. I did stay in the room and watch him the entire time. I didn't have any reading material or anyone to talk to. I just sat there. The radiologist did not seem to understand why I wanted to wait in the room. I gently explained that in this life, I try to experience everything through the eyes of my child. If he's laying still and quiet in the room, then so am I. And I did. And we both lived through it.

Of course, now I am thoroughly frustrated because my follow up appointment is not until early January. No one will tell me what the MRI scan showed until then. Believe me, I intend to call daily and try to get a nurse on the phone to let me take the first cancellation available. Cross your fingers!

Tomorrow we are going to my niece's birthday party. The theme is High School Musical, of course. I LOVE my niece! She is my kindred spirit. She is very intelligent, fun, loud, musical, artsy and everything else I inspire to be in life. I can't wait. I don't see my sister enough since she moved out of town. Frankly, and more truthfully, I didn't see her that much before she moved out of town either, so I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully Mom and Dad will be there. I love being invited places. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before or not, but I hate having guests. I am not a good hostess.

Anywho, kids, have a great weekend and I hope a wonderful upcoming week. :-)



SabrinaT said...

I found your blog from The Denim Jumper. Bless your family.. I hope you have a stress free Christmas....

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