Friday, November 9, 2012

Mothers and Daughters at the Opera

Last night was the opening night of this season's Educational Opera Program.  They performed Pagliacci.  

I had never seen it performed live before, only on PBS.  It had to be the shortest opera I've ever attended.  We were home before 10 o'clock!

As an olive branch of good will, I invited my Mom to come with us, as she has never been.  I didn't think she had any interest in it, but a few weeks ago she began hinting around for an invitation, so what's a daughter to do.  She really seemed to enjoy herself,  even though she had LOTS of questions.  I'm glad we were able to spend a little quality time together without too much pressure of stimulating conversation.  I'm not much for small talk  these days and things have been a tiny bit tense between us since she moved so close to me.  Actually, I've been a bit tense, but I don't think she has noticed.  It is kind of unnerving to have your Mother about to pop up at your house at any given time of day or night.  Since I don't have a day job, she thinks I'm available to do things with her all day every day.  That's actually not true at all, my family keeps me on my toes quite consistently. Anyway, I'm working on boundaries.  Let me just say, it's a work in progress.  

She was already hinting around at an invitation for the next performance when I dropped her off at home last night, LOL.  That lady really is something else.  But she's my Mother, and I love her.  What else can you do.

Speaking of the performance, everything was spectacular.  Poor Canio, the Pagliacci, a jilted, suspicious, homicidal clown is really something to behold on stage.  Although his killing scene wasn't nearly as terrifying as Lucia's from Lucia di Lammermoor, I still had to give him a lot of credit.  He was a beautiful tenor.

There was a strange moment at the end where after the curtain call and all of the ovations, the three main characters . . . including ones who had just died . . . got up and sang a few bonus songs at the end.  I don't know if this has a formal name in the opera world or not, as I've never witnessed anything like it.  It was so nice to go drive home humming the bonus score.

I've never really understood why some people have a fear of clowns, but after last night, I think I'm going to keep my distance from them.  Also, I have truly witnessed the literal interpretation of "Tears of a Clown." 

So now I know what music I'll be playing around the house all weekend. 

What wonderful weekend plans do you have?

Until next time . . .



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