Friday, November 2, 2012

I think I'm blogging again

It's been a whirlwind few months!  I won't bore you with all the details but let me just say that we have been going through a LOT of changes.  I'll try to divvy it out in bite-sized pieces so it's not so overwhelming, LOL. 

I would like to share one of my tiny victories.  I finally finished my very last required Spanish class.  I took it over the summer. Thank goodness it's over!  I'm still trying to read, speak, and watch television in Spanish so I don't lose everything I've worked so hard for . . . but I must say . . . my Spanish speaking part of my brain is exhausted.  I don't know when it gets easier to switch back and forth between languages, but I certainly have not reached that point yet. 

Did I tell you that my parent's just bought a brand new house right around the corner from us?  We'll have to discuss the art of dodging a Mom who likes to call and say that she's on the way when she's actually in your driveway.  HELP!

Until next time . . .


Ami said...

"Did I tell you that my parent's just bought a brand new house right around the corner from us? "

No. You haven't told us SHIT. In MONTHS. Not about your parents, not about you, not about Baby Boy....
I hope that's about to change!!!

Glad to hear from you and know that even if your mom is driving you crazy you're still around!!


Freakmom said...

I hope you are blogging again! I've missed you!!!

Yay on finishing Spanish!!!

M. A. R. said...

Welcome back!

Holmes Family said...

WOOHOO!! Welcome back!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well... HI! It's about TIME!

What about one looong post to catch us up, huh? Huh? Huh?

Did you manage to stay decluttered?

Mary said...

Hahaha! My mom lives in the lot behind us. We have a gate on the fence that divides our yards. We thought it would be great for the kids, but the first week we were all living here my mother knocked on the back door, and hubby looked at me and said, "Is this what it is going to be like with your mother living behind us?"

Good luck!!

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