Friday, April 8, 2011


Baby Boy and I went to see the opera Flight! last night. 

It is a modern era opera (oxymoron?) and an even rarer phenomenon, an English language opera.  Which leads me to question why I titled this post in Spanish.  Well, I'm trying to really speak Spanish all day every day, so when I sat down at the computer, that was actually the first word that came to my mind - I'm getting there!

Anyway, the show was racy, raunchy, and riotous.  Baby Boy and I laughed so hard we almost cried at some scenes and blushed so hard we almost burst into flames at others.  If this show is coming to a performing arts center near you, leave the littles at home. Consider this your one and only warning.

Baby Boy and I chatted and giggled all the way home and then I went to bed humming the tunes of the countertenor (Simply amazing!) and chuckling to myself. 

I am so thrilled to have a son who understands and loves me enough to indulge my passion for the arts.  He's the best escort a girl could ever want. 


Until next time . . .


Ami said...


I treasure the one on one time with MY baby boy... he's gonna leave me soon, although he's still here while he finishes school, after that??? Who knows.

You should record yourselves singing and post it.

Tara said...

Beautiful! It looks like you've nurtured a tradition you and BB will be sharing your whole life, possibly passing along to a new generation of opera lovers.
I started taking my kiddo to the light opera when she was 3 and I remember having an experience similar to what you've posted about when we went to see Offenbach's La Belle Helene last year.

topsy-techie said...

You are such a fun mom...if I were BB I would go to the opera with you too!! :)

Mel R said...

Sounds like a blast! I love opera.

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