Friday, April 29, 2011

That's ROYAL WEDDING JELLYBEANS to You, If You Don't Mind

 Although no one else in my family gives a darn, Baby Doggy and I are sitting up late, on a sugar high (from eating 75% off after-Easter jellybeans) and watching every. single. moment. of the Royal Wedding coverage.

Look who just walked in:

  • The Beckhams are simply the sexiest couple I've ever seen.  That slicked back hair David is sporting  today is greasily delicious!

  • Sir Elton John looked simply divine stuffed into that smart ensemble! Tres Chic!

I keep switching back and forth between NBC, ABC, and E!.  
  • On NBC I have a not-so-secret crush on Matt Lauer and try to get a look at him anytime I can plus I've been a supporter of Meredith Vieira since her days on The View.  

  • ABC has the BEST and most CLOSE UP angles of everyone and everything plus I also secretly have a cougar-crush on Barbara Walters and can't believe how awesome she is.  

  • On E! I just love the GOSSIPY coverage that Giuliana is dishing.  She knows what designer everyone is wearing and gives girlfriend scoop on who looks good and who needs to go home and try again.  

What I'd really like to do is get Giuliana to run over to the ABC vantage point and sit with Barbara Walters and give me a little girlfriend dish in between Barbara's reserved commentary, plus then Giuliana would have a better view of what everyone is wearing.  I guess a lowly basic cable station can't get as good placement as the established camps.  Such a pity!

I can't wait to get a glimpse of THE DRESS!

I don't care how superficial and silly anyone thinks I am.  We haven't had much to look forward to around here lately.  Sleep if you like.  Royal weddings are SPECTACULAR and worth staying up late for!

More jellybeans? 

Until next time . . .


karisma said...

LOL Jelly beans? Ok I had to laugh more at my cousin and daughter who got together in Sydney with tiaras, cupcakes and wine to watch it! We sat here watching with some comedians hosting the channel. It was hilarious! Ah but the bride was beautiful was she not? The kids were awfully cute too! Of course we only watched until the vows were exchanged and then my man "flicked" to the Chasers war on everything. It was more to his liking.

Hugs (hope the excess sugar does not end in pimples!) xoxoxox

michelle said...

I watched it on TLC - hosted by the "Say Yes to the Dress" gang. It was fun (although I probably could have used some jelly beans.) ;-)

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