Thursday, April 14, 2011

But Wait . . .There's More . . . Medical Drama

 Baby Boy's surgery didn't go well yesterday.  Actually, it didn't go at all. 

We got him to the hospital at the crack of dawn and they checked us in.  Usually the doctor comes into our little sitting room and just goes over what he's going to do during the surgery and approximately how long it will take.  So, imagine my surprise when Dr. Trusted Specialist is not the doctor, but one of his assistants is.  An assistant I have never met.  A stranger.  *Insert hyperventilating face here*

I freak out just a little (That's on the outside, I freak out A LOT on the inside).  I find out that Dr. Trusted Specialist is on vacation.  *SIGH*  Dr. Semi-Capable Assistant explains that he can do the surgery and blah, blah, blah, and that it's an emergency so we can't wait for Dr. Trusted Specialist to get back into town. 

OK.  Mom #2 and I hesitantly agree. 

They sedate Baby Boy and take him back to the operating room.

Thirty minutes later, out comes Dr. Semi-Capable Assistant.  He can't do the surgery.  It's a lot more complicated than he thought it would be and we need wait for Dr. Trusted Specialist to get back into town. 

I am on the phone to Dr. Trusted Specialist's nurse faster than a locomotive!  She apologizes profusely and says she will call back when she can figure out what we are going to do.  We get discharged and go home. 

Later that evening Nurse Sorry-About-That calls me back to say that time is of the essence and we NEED to have the surgery done as soon as possible, but Dr. Trusted Specialist is out of town.  They are trying to get in touch with him and get him back into town ASAP.  (At this point, I feel very sorry for Dr. Trusted Specialist's family . . . I hate to crash their vacation) and to be ready for surgery at any time in the next day or two.  In other words . . . NO EATING for Baby Boy!

So what we ended up with is a very inconvenient and expensive nap for Baby Boy yesterday, PLUS  he missed class.  My classes are in the afternoon, so after we were discharged, Mom #2 went home to be with Baby Boy as he slept off the anesthesia, and I went on to class.  Color me distracted.    

We sit around in anticipation of more medical drama either today or tomorrow . . . maybe . . . maybe not. 


Keep thinking of us.  We need it.

Until next time . . .


Freakmom said...

Upping the vibes and hugs coming your way!

Holmes Family said...

Hugs, Hugs, Hugs, HUGS!!!!

Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

*pixie dust, pixie dust* (and lots of hope from IA)

The Foil Hat said...

Thinking good things for all of you. I hope it's not too long of a wait. ((()))

Tara said...

Hoping the situation resolves quickly. Take care.

SabrinaT said...

Sending hugs and LOTS of prayer and good thoughts that things get sorted out soon!!!

topsy-techie said...

Oh my!!! That sounds so excruciatingly stressful!! BIG ole virtual NC ((((hugs)))) coming your way!!

Mel R said...

Many hugs! Sorry you're having such a stressful situation!

Jennifer, in Vancouver said...

Hope he gets the surgery from the doctor who knows what he's doing very soon!

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