Friday, September 4, 2009

Consider Me Celebrated, oh and BUSY!

Within a 30 day period we have had the following reasons to celebrate:

  • Mom #2's birthday
  • Twin Grand Baby Girls were born
  • Our Doggy's birthday (he's family, you know)
  • My sister's birthday
  • Today's my birthday
  • Next week is my Dad's birthday
Sooooooo last week we had a Big Backyard Birthday Barbecue and EVERYONE was here.

Every since my parents' divorce, my Dad has been making himself super scarce. He'll drop by and pick up Baby Boy to take him to get a haircut or to do other miscellaneous guy stuff (Does anyone actually know what guys do when they're together?) but he never sticks around.

Well he actually got here early and barbecued all the yummy ribs and chicken wings, and then stayed around and ate and visited with us. I mean this may go down in Dos Mamacitas family history. We had so much food that we had to eat, take a break, and then eat some more. ;-)

My sister brought over a friend whom I had never met before. I am really not good with strangers . . . as a general rule . . . I don't speak to strangers. I started out thoroughly irritated, but she was so down to earth and so much fun that she fit right in with my loud and crazy family. So I was actually able to make a new friend. That makes one. Score!

Anyway, I'm all celebrated out! I've made enough congratulatory phone calls and slopped enough sugar to last a lifetime. It was great fun while it lasted, but I'm all celebrated out.

Now I'm settling in for a long weekend of planning, planning, and more planning. We're going to start our school year on Tuesday . . . and I do have all my stuff . . . well most of my stuff (I'm trying to sneak in some extra stuff) . . . but I'm an anal retentive scheduler and I've still got a few loose ends to tie up. More details to follow.

Also . . I've recently scored a great work-from-home job. Although I hate that I need to work, I am so very happy that it is a gig that can be done from home in my pj's early in the morning before Baby Boy and I get started on our schoolwork. Thank goodness for small favors! ;-)

TTFN! Have a great holiday weekend!

Until next time . . .


:)De said...

A very Happy Belated B-day to you and wishing a you a great new school year.


Jennifer in Vancouver said...

Well, happy birthday to all of you - and welcome to the baby twins! Glad to hear of your lovely celebration. Hope things are cooling off around there for you too as fall approaches...

SabrinaT said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! What a wonderful month you have had.

Have a great, relaxing weekend.

Kysha said...

Wow! I will just say congratulations and Happy Birthday. Awesome!

Wendy Hawksley said...

Hope you have the most fabulous birthday permitted by law!!!

What DO guys do when they're together? My hubby and son play video games. It sounds incredibly boring to me. LOL

You have had a wonderful summer, and I hope all this joyful momentum carries you right into a awesome autumn!

topsytechie said...

So happy for all of your recent...well...happiness! And a high-five to a new member of the WAHHM (work-at-home-homeschooling-mom) club!! I'll teach you the secret handshake later...have a great holiday weekend!

Ami said...

Happy everything.

More baby pictures soon, please.


The Foil Hat said...

Happy Birthday!!!! You and Danny (my oldest) have the same birthday.

:)De said...

I had heard that the library used to offer it for free, but it never happened here. And you know how cheap I am... so I found it on E-bay for a third of the price.

Mat Man is the main character from Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K level.

Happy Holiday!

Freakmom said...

Happy, happy (belated) birthday!! Glad to hear the celebration was happy. Enjoy your weekend before your first day of school. And congrats on the job, hope it goes well!

Rose (dragons in the flower bed) said...

Happy bdays to everyone.

I am hyperventilating on your behalf looking at that curriculum line up. Chemistry, econ and pre-calc, oh my!

Katy said...

Happy birthday and congrats on the new job. Sounds like everything is falling into place for you this year!

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