Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mom's Moved Out . . . Look Who Moved In!

Remember that little bunny rabbit that kept sneaking into our garden and eating our lettuces?

Well turns out . . . he wasn't just visiting. And also turns out that he . . . is definitely a she. And not just any she . . . a Mommy she.

Baby Boy was puttering around in Mom #2's garden when suddenly he ran into the house all excited and out of breath. He wouldn't tell us what had him all worked up, but said that we just had to stop everything we were doing and come outside and see what he'd found in our garden.

We dropped everything, (I was cooking dinner, so I had no problem letting go of that) and headed outside and guess what we found:

Not one little bunny rabbit, oh no, that would be too easy to shoo away. We found . . . almost tucked out of sight . . . deep in a little hole . . . on the far side of the corn patch . . . a 4 pack of baby bunnies!

They were so cute all cuddled up in their little nest.
As adorable as they were, we knew we had to get them out of the garden or what little produce we had left was going to be gone in a flash. So Mom #2 had the grand honor of serving the eviction notices.

How can you say no to that little face!
Are You my new Mommy?

We were really starting to get concerned that there were four baby bunnies and no Mommy anywhere around, but then one of the bunnies squealed when were putting them outside of the fence. Of course, at that very moment, Big Momma Bunny Rabbit came thumping around the corner. So we set all four bunnies together outside the fence where she could get them and take care of them.

Let me tell you . . . Big Momma Bunny gave us a ferocious evil eye when she saw Mom #2 handling her babies.

I certainly hope they found themselves a nice safe happy home . . . outside of our garden!

Until next time . . .


Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

Cute overload! Cute overload!
(that was me passing out from too much cuteness)

Anonymous said...

Cute?! That's not cute, those are varmits. Garden destroying varmits, rodents, plague carrying large rats. I've had whole (small) citrus trees killed by rabbits, which I refused to call bunnies but I do have a string of other names I'm thrilled to confer upon them.

Issues? No, no issues.

:)De said...

Hollysjoy... you should express yourself more dear. You are to shy and reserved. LOL!

Wendy Hawksley said...

Bunnies!!! Awww...

Freakmom said...

Awww, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I HAD to call in Uber to see, because he has been declaring for months that he wants a pet rabbit. And as soon as he saw the pics, he wanted to drive directly to your house to pick them up. I had to explain that getting bunnies from somewhere several states away might not be the EASIEST way to go about getting a new pet, but he was very frustrated that I wouldn't just hop in the car and scoop them up since you guys obviously didn't want them. (sigh)

Hula Hank said...

How sweet!! You should have eaten the mother and kept the babies as pets!

Regularmom said...

Awww... how cute. Much cuter than the groundhog mama and her 4 babies we can't seem to evict from under our shed.

Hope they like their new digs.

ha ha, get it? Digs?

Okay... I'll stop now. My 6yo wants to do school already anyway.

Me? I'm still in my jammies with my coffee. She's all: hey, is it time for primer yet?


mwell said...

Oh SO sweet! (Knowing my kids they would have begged to sacrifice the garden!)

We have a bunny family, too. Ours lives under our porch. I wonder how long before they DO find the garden?! :-S


The Foil Hat said...

They're adorable!!!

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