Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ultimately Exhausted!

Baby Boy, and by default Mom #2 and I, recently signed up for the winter Ultimate Frisbee League in our area. I had no idea at the time, but we have to go and sit outside for 4 hours every Sunday for the next 4 weeks. 4 hours! It's because it's a combination of home school and public school students and the-powers-that-be decided to do marathon weekly games for all the teams instead of breaking it up into single session team games throughout the week.



Do these people not have families . . . pets . . . homes . . . LIVES!

Pile that on top of the constant of trying to unpack those last few boxes, tae kwon do three times a week, my usual wifely duties (read cooking and cleaning - get your minds out of the gutter), our car being on the fritz (HELP!), and oh yeah . . . the schoolwork. I'm a walking zombie, but I'm outside all the time. No vitamin D deficiency for me. Although I'm already sufficiently tanned and cancer free, thank you very much, hence the tribal size SPF 30 sunblock I've been lugging around.

No time to chat. Gotta get some more work done. We're attending home school bowling tomorrow. I think we may need another wife around here . . . anyone watch that show Big Love? NOT!

Until next time . . .


Anonymous said...

That's crazy. It's schedules like that that had us quit soccer. Now, trying to find reasonable sports for James so he doesn't drive me crazy.

Katy said...

Okay, I don't wish that Things 1 & 2 were interested in sports anymore.

I always tell husband he can have as many more wives as he wants as long as they cook, clean, do laundry and drive. ;-)

SabrinaT said...

Oh, I know! Christopher just started track, AND made the play at school. Thank Goodness he only goes for 3 hours a day... He needs a nap before all that activity.

Humm, a new wife? Maybe a mail order? he,he

Mom #2 said...

ANOTHER WIFE?! No thank you!

Anonymous said...

Come on you know you need someone else around there to pick on. In fact, I'm putting in my resume. I'm responsible, like Barb. Dress modestly, like Nikki. And love to laugh, like Margene. Unfortunately, I don't have the cool European accent like Ana. But you would take me anyway...right. Oh, and to throw it over the top, I make a MEAN chocolate pie!!!

The Foil Hat said...

I know your pain!! I have to say that that is the best thing about having one that can drive now. I don't have to go to every practice anymore!

Michelle said...

Four hours? That's crazy!
I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle that -(I can only take our homeschool co-op for 2 hours! - LOL!)

More power to you!


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