Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting Up Pretty Early In The Morning . . .

. . . To prepare for The Mom visit. Tomorrow. Afternoon.

Oh, I have to admit, I don't talk to my Mom as often as I should and I hardly ever see her even though she lives less than 30 minutes away from me. Before we moved, she lived literally 5 minutes away from me . . . true walking distance. Still . . . not many visits.

We aren't close. She has lots of issues . . . some I've mentioned here . . . some are too much to display here in print . . . it would make them too real. Mostly it's due to her pretty tiresome mental illness that isn't really her fault . . . but she seems to really take out her crazy on me . . . and I'm tired

I always have to really "pump myself up" for The Mom visit.

She's been chomping at the bit to get over here every since we moved. It's been three weeks and I literally could not hold her off any longer. If I didn't let her plan tomorrow's visit, she may have resorted to the pop-in. Believe me, no one wants to endure a Mom pop-in. They aren't pretty. They are usually at all odd hours of the day and/or night, they are not proceeded by a phone call, they usually involve bathrobes and hair curlers (hers not mine), and most importantly they come with an accompanying lecture involving people laying in ditches and not breathing on their own. No, the pop-in is never pretty.

So. I'll be getting up early, washing linens, vacuuming carpets and mopping floors . . . it's multipurpose actually. I clean when stressed AND Mom will be cutting her eyes at every corner, so I would have to clean if I wanted to or not.

So. Tomorrow. I'll. Clean.

Nighty night!

Until next time . . .


obimomkenobi said...

O dear. I wish I could offer you something wise, but all I can do it hope it goes as well as it can!

:)De said...

When you come up for air...let us know that you survived.

Peace to you all,

SabrinaT said...

If I were closer I would come help! Hope everything goes smooth..

Wendy Hawksley said...

Ah, yes. Moms with issues.

Well, good luck and I hope it is a pleasant visit. If you ever feel the need to "cleanse" after something in your home, bring in some fresh flowers and open the windows!

Kathy said...

I hope it goes as well as it can. Dh's ex has mental illness issues, and when she doesn't take her meds... well, you probably know. It makes it hard on my stepson who sometimes must act as the parent to the parent. {{{{hugs}}}}

topsytechie said...

No issues with my mom. Nope no issues at all. Not even one. (How do you like the denial?? - - it's my new response to Mom-induced PSTD) I feel ya, hon. Hope all goes very, very well.

hollysjoy said...

My FIL dropped in (with a 2 week notice, but honestly, that's not enough, and we didn't hear from him after the 2 weeks) from Seattle. You can't just say your coming to visit and then show up at the door after 2 year yeard. I call a foul. And bring unrelated guest.

Ah family. Good luck. At least it's not a drop in :-). May it go as smoothly as possible. I knit. A lot.

Paula said...

(HUGS)I wish you smiles and lots of patience.

Michelle said...

I hope your visit went well.
I know (firsthand) how hard those visits can be. My MIL has passed away, but it was so hard to watch her suffer with mental illness, and it was hard to watch DH try to deal with her.

Praying for you!

Your Pal Pinki said...

I just caught up on your blog and whew! you've been a busy lady and yet you found time to drop me a line to say hello! Congratulations on your new home and I'm so happy you're settling in. Talk to you very soon!!!

ravengal said...

And despite Mom's issues, you maintain a positive outlook and raise you son well. My hat is off to you!

Natalie said... was the visit? i hope all went well and that there were no curlers involved!

i don't know if i ever did answer your question from before...yes...we are in houston. cypress area.

Wendy Hawksley said...

I hope everything went well with the mom visit. :)

Meanwhile, I've got something for you at my blog!

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