Friday, December 5, 2008

Well, Well, Well . . . Will You Look Who's Almost Legal

As one final attempt to win Baby Boy into my favor, as I will be needing him to take good care of me when I have my tooth pulled later today, I made the executive decision that he was finally ready to take the driver's test to get his learner's permit today.

And guess what . . .

HE PASSED!!!!!!!

This is his excited face after the big event.

Ha! Fooled ya!

Didn't you know teen boys don't get excited unless there's massive amounts of food involved.

I guess you can also see that we don't like cold weather down here in the Big Tex. Once it gets below 60 degrees . . . the natives run for cover.

That's all. I'm so happy for him.

I don't know who's supposed to teach him how to drive. I used up all my patience teaching him the rules of the road, LOL.

Until next time . . .


Ami said...

Exciting news about the driver's permit. In some ways, it's hard having a kid who drives... but once they have their license, it's awesome to call 'em while they're out and say, "Hey, stop by the store and get _____."

Update us as soon as you can after your dental stuff.

Thinking of you.

hollysjoy said...

Yeah! I think. :-)

One of the mom's at park day yesterday was taking her list and checking it twice for the DMV for her daughter's learner's permit. She had to sign off that she was liable as the parent, regardless of the fact that she had to go to "driving school." Then, since she was homeschooled, her mom was also the school. LOL It took the mom a long time to fill out the paperwork because "it made no sense." In essence, she was releasing herself from liability.

Good luck with your tooth.

Katy said...

Wow, that is awesome! You are way happier than I would be - the thought of the kids driving makes me want to throw up! lol

Good luck with the tooth, you will feel SO MUCH BETTER afterwards - I promise!!

Mom, M.Ed. said...

Great happy face photo! Uh, is he smiling? I can't really feel his glee. :o)

Congrats...and good luck w/ the tooth!

Rebel said...

Send him up here and he can learn along with KJ. I've perfected the art of only screaming, "Brake Brake, BRAKE!!" once per lesson.

Jason, as himself said...

My daughter is just a couple of weeks away from being able to drive all by herself. Is she ready? Hmmm, I can't decide!

kitten said...

Good luck to you and congrats to Baby Boy! Trust me; you will enjoy him driving you around. I have with Rocker Dude!

Katy said...

Just checkin' in to see how you're feeling. Can you feel all the good dental health vibes coming your way from the Pac. Northwest? :-)

SabrinaT said...

Way to go Baby Boy. Mom #1 have Mom #2 teach him to drive..

SabrinaT said...

Mom, yes the 100 yen shop is like the 99c store. (hey, I don't seem to have a cent symbol on my computer)... I love the yen shop..

Michelle said...

Congratulations Baby Boy!
(and I hope you're feeling better Mom.) Get well soon so you can get busy on those driving lessons - LOL!

God Bless,

Kysha said...

Yay! Now you are putting the pressure on. I haven't taken my highschooler since last year. He failed his first attempt but it's a maturity thing and he wasn't ready but I think he is but I'm not now. LOL

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