Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hiding Behind A Long Stream of Storm Clouds . . . Oh Look . . . A Rainbow!

I know I've been whining and bellyaching a lot lately . . . so here's a great big batch of positivity!

Today we found out for absolute certain that we GOT THE HOUSE!

I know, what house? I don't do well with stress or anxiety and once I start obsessing, it can be very hard for me to stop, so I haven't mentioned it. Believe me, this is the best strategy for all involved. We'll have 3 times the space for a bunch less money. A bunch less money!

On a side note . . . this weekend my Mother announced that she is going out of town for Christmas . . . so it will be very quiet around here. I haven't decided how I feel about that. I don't know why anyone would want to be away from their children and grandchildren for the holidays, but que sera sera. I'm not even remotely in the mood to argue with her about her own life. I'm taking a deep breath and I'm going to let her live it.

I'm just in too good a mood! Thanks for letting me share.

Until next time . . .


Ami said...

So does this mean the oral surgery was a success? And from your tone, you're feeling good?


Good news about the house, too.
And it seems your feelings are hurt that your mom is going to be elsewhere for the holiday, but think of the peace.


And for no particular reason, I feel compelled to share with you the nonsense word that your blog has asked me to type into the little word verification box.


Anonymous said...


Enjoy your new, less expensive home!

Anonymous said...

Jumping up and down with you! I can't wait for picks. Take your time though. I know moving is stressful in itself.

:)De said...

Congrats on your house! Now do you have room for guest looking for refuge from the snow? LOL!


Katy said...

How exciting, a new house! (Moving isn't too exciting but necessary to enjoying the new house.) Congrats!

So the tooth is good? Feeling better? Have you had a heart attack while BB is driving yet?

And my guess is that you might have a relaxing peaceful Christmas with your Mom doing her own thing elsewhere, it might be very nice for everyone.


Michelle said...

(And I'm a wee bit jealous...Oh, how we could use more room!) ;-)

Oh...and if you get some free time...c'mon up and go sledding with us! ;-)


SabrinaT said...

YEAH! CONGRATS!! I bet you can't wait to decorate...

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