Friday, April 30, 2010

Jumped One Hurdle! Gearing Up For Another!

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In order for Baby Boy and me to get anything better than a C in our composition class we have to pass a departmental exam (basically a marathon essay written unassisted in the testing center without the benefit of spell-check or fresh eyes to proofread your work for you) and then pass a post-test. 

Today we just found out that both of us passed our departmental exams! YES!!!

Now we have to get started studying for our post-test.  Baby steps.  Many, many baby steps. 

It's coming down to the end of the semester . . . two more weeks.   I have 4 finals . . . Baby Boy has two. 

That's one reason why I've been MIA so much . . . plus I had a nasty sinus infection, but no one wants to hear about that.  Anyway, I feel better now. 

Have a fantastical weekend!!!

Until next time . . .


:)De said...

Goood Job to the both of ya'

Study, study.


hollysjoy said...

Good job! No spell checker - yikes!

The Foil Hat said...

WOW! You're both doing great. Happy belated b-day to "Baby" Boy.

topsytechie said...

Thinking of both of you during this hectic, hectic time. I have NO doubt that both of you will do just fine, though. Keep us posted!!

TaraChristiane said...

So glad you are feeling better. I'm a little late on my comment so by now your exams may be finished. If not, good luck. If so, kick back and relax -- you've both earned it!

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