Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IT'S ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!

Today Mom #2 and I Baby Boy finally got the nerve to sign up and sit for his college entrance exam at the Community College.

He placed firmly exactly where we he thought he should . . . and all within college level classes.


It feels so good to know that after all of these years of following no real particular program and just doing whatever has worked for us, we didn't screw him up.

Now there's no denying it, we have a full-fledged college student in our midst. He'll be starting Spring Semester.

These days, I'm doing a lot of walking around in circles, wringing my hands, and crying for no good reason commingled with maniacal laughter.

The beginning of the end is certainly in plain unobstructed view.

What's a Homeschooling Mom to do?

Wait! This is supposed to be a happy post.

Ok, so I'll let this post be about Baby Boy's fantastic test results. I'll whine and cry in another post. Look out for that one very soon.


Until next time . . .


Wendy Hawksley said...

OK, so here's a story for you:

Lately Gavin has been using the word "chain" alot. I had no idea why. He told me that one day at the playground, there was a very young little boy, a girl older than the little boy, but younger than Gavin, then Gavin himself. He said, "It was like a chain of age".

I didn't get it, but he kept referring to things as chains.

Then last night, he was playing with his bathtub dinosaurs and informed me that:

The plant gets eaten by the small turtle, which gets eaten by the bigger turtle, which gets eaten by the large turtle, which gets eaten by the dinosaur, which gets eaten by the T-Rex, which gets exploded by the volcano.

I realized then he was talking about chains from our mere 10 minutes of talking about FOOD CHAINS! I had no idea he had actually paid attention to that particular Magic School Bus book, because he was wiggly and inattentive that day.

So I just made the connection last night between him talking about "chains" and the fact that we had read the book on food chains a few weeks ago!

In other words, I get what you're saying. You teach and facilitate and hope they are learning...

And then they go and show that they are learning and have learned, and you can't help but feel incredibly proud!!!

Hugs to All of you!

Ami said...

How exciting!!

"What's a homeschooling mom to do?"


You could have another baby.


He'll still need your support.
Sounds like you've done a wonderful job.

And I meant to mention how much I like the new family pictures at the top of your blog.

Rebel said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go Baby Boy!

Anonymous said...

Guess now isn't the time to muse and wonder why most of the pics in your lovely new header are of a much younger Baby Boy. Hmm. Nope. Not the time at all. Hang in there, you!!

Anonymous said...


Don't you have grandkids to start in on ;-)?

The Foil Hat said...

Congratulations!!!! I think you'll find yourselves as surprised as we were at how well Baby Boy (in our case, Danny) does. The transition has been very smooth and his grades are wonderful too - I'm sure that's going to be your experience as well.

I'm around when you find yourself restless and creating science experiments just to keep yourself amused. I'm amazed at how much I miss Danny. And two more leave next year.

Better yet, just come over and we'll bake and pretend to garden and console each other that our baby boys are almost grown.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

This is great news. It gives us all hope.

Jennifer in Vancouver said...

Wow - that is such exciting and wonderful news! I can totally see why you're both thrilled and a bit bereft. You guys have done such a wonderful job with Baby Boy. Is he going to start demanding now that you refer to him as "College Boy" instead?

Paula said...

Oh, man I'll hold the tissues for you! Here I was lamenting about my ds' growth in shoe size.

I know you're very proud.

I love your blog redecoration, it's purty.

Teacher Tom said...

Right on! This is so cool. You should be proud.

Freakmom said...

You are going to have to change his online name from Baby Boy to Big Man on Campus. :wink:

Happy for all 3 of you!

Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

That's so wonderful. I can't even imagine what you're feeling right now. I haven't even met him, but I'm so terribly, terribly proud of him.

Jason, as himself said...

"These days, I'm doing a lot of walking around in circles, wringing my hands, and crying for no good reason commingled with maniacal laughter."

You have captured this particular experience perfectly!

Julia said...

Congratulations! Hopefully, I'll be in the same bittersweet position in a few years.

mwell said...

Congrats to Baby Boy for placing so well! (And even more Congrats to you for teaching him so well!) ;-)

I love the new header on your blog. You all look so happy.

Regularmom said...

Ahhh... some bittersweet congratulations are in order, I guess?

Tell your son I said: WELL DONE!

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