Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Family Fun Bowl!

Well, we've had a house full for the last few days.

Two of Mom #2's uncles came into town and stayed with us for a few nights while tending to some legal issues in the city.

Don't forget that my Mom's still here, so we have been having a regular old family reunion in the dining room every night, LOL. Lots of big family meals. Delicious, of course, but oh-so-long-lasting on one's hips. :-(

Last night someone got the great idea to Wii bowl a few games. I tell you, those Hispanic men are competitive, and Oh Boy can they talk a good game!

But don't you worry . . . and I bet you already know where I'm going . . . I whooped-up on all of them and reminded them who's house this is ;-) !

So this morning, sleepy eyed, we sent them home full of pancakes, bacon, hot coffee, hugs and kisses . . . and the memory of me kicking their butts.

*SIGH* Dreamy.

Yes, I do have a small issue with being overly-competitive. I just can't help myself.

Until next time . . .


hollysjoy said...

Didn't you get injured the last time you wii'ed competitively? :-) Well, at least you won!

:)De said...

I would not mess with you and that wii! LOL!

Katy said...

Can I come over so you can give me Wii lessons? The things kick my butt every time. Losing isn't so bad but the damn winners dance they do is really getting on my nerves!

topsytechie said...

That's one way to keep company from coming by too often...just whomp them into next week!

Hula Hank said...

Ohhh pancakes and bacon... can I be an uncle too???

kitten said...

I'm on my way over! LOL!
Glad yall had some good times. You sure need them.

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