Monday, October 13, 2008

Why I Am TOTALLY Thankful For My Son

After a long morning of our once-a-month grocery shopping, where Baby Boy had to get all the heavy stuff and all the stuff that was up past the 3nd shelf and load it all on the conveyor belt at the cash register while I watched the lady to make sure she didn't over charge me or pack my bags incorrectly and load the stuff back into the basket while I made sure she gave me the appropriate credit for each and every one of my coupons and loaded it into the car for me . . .

. . . I ran upstairs to pee right quick (I had been holding it because I simply cannot use public toilets) and let Baby Doggy out of his kennel and by the time I got done, all of the groceries were upstairs, the car was locked up and Baby Boy was already starting to sort out what needed to be refrigerated, frozen, and pantry stored.

Did I mention we live in a 2nd floor apartment? Oh, how I love teenage boys' ready muscles and endless energy.


NOW I know why two middle aged, overweight, moms were blessed with a rambunctious Baby Boy instead of the prissy little girl I thought I always wanted.

He made me very happy today. I just HAD to share. Don't you just love it when all of that good hard work and upbringing finally pays off and you get to be the beneficiary?

Until next time . . .


Katy said...

Ooooo, I'm green with envy. You have a good kid there. But you don't need me to tell you THAT! ;-)

The prissy little girl was ok but the eye-rolling hormonal mouthy teenage girl is NOT ok.

Thank jeebus things one and two are boys or I would have to shoot myself.

Michelle said...

So I guess I should be grateful for my one boy out of my lot of prissy girls, huh? (ROFL!)

I'm glad you have such a kind and helpful son. You're a good Mama, though...and it's your training/ teaching that makes him that way!


:)De said...

I am sure that apple did not fall far from what seems to be a gracious and helpful tree!


SabrinaT said...

Q always pushes the cart home.
What a wonderful BABY BOY you have there!

Wendy Hawksley said...

You two have obviously been incredible moms, who have taught Baby Boy responsibility, respect for women, and reverence for his parents. GREAT JOB doesn't even begin to cover it! He will definitely do well in life with his energy, can-do attitude, and respect for others.

Anonymous said...

I keep telling myself that all this will pay off one day. Again and again and again. I do plan to be old and decreipt just for spites sake :-). Not really, but who knew that as a kid I would fantasize of the things I could do to make my parents pay and as an adult, I've just reversed the scenario. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

That is soooo sweet! He will definitely take care of y'all.

Oh, I'm not teaching Latin to my oldest who is entering his last year. He loves his Spanish although he can actually listen in on my little ones. I don't think it's too late but he has so much on his plate already. Less is best right now.

I don't think it would be too late for your son to pick it help. I bet it would be very beneficial for his forensic field. He is going to make the money and take care of his mamas. You got it made. LOL! Teach him right! :)

Ami said...

As the mom of a boy who does similar things... and the mom of a daughter who *will* do those things IF COMMANDED... I can tell you that at least from my viewpoint, it's a gender thing.

Seriously,your son is a wonderful young man and they don't just grow that way. It's parenting.


Hula Hank said...

Oh wow!! You kid is so awesome!

On sidenote, I think that is why we have kids, so that they can do stuff!!!!

PS - I have tagged you, miss thang. You are it!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo I know what you mean. I will absolutely DIE when my older boys go off to college. I have not unloaded my car in about six years. They do so many things for me that I sometimes take for granted. I'm so spoiled. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate them.

kitten said...

It it nice having a boy! You sure do have a good one. I think you better keep him! LOL!

kitten said...

I have something for you over at my bog.

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