Saturday, May 3, 2008

Say Something Saturday - Take 6

Sorry I missed last week's assignment, I was sickly, and it could not be helped, but I'm here today and that's what really counts, you know.

This week's assignment is as follows:

Let's see what you can do with this writing assignment.
Make it fun or factual or frantic. You can have as many or as few words as you want.

If only I hadn't ____________________.

If I'd ____________________ instead, then _____________ wouldn't have happened.


If only I hadn't answered the phone.

If I'd just let the answering machine pick it up instead, then me getting

up early tomorrow to find a "ladies who lunch" appropriate dress to

wear to the Mother / Daughter Banquet at my mother's club, wouldn't

have happened.

This IS her Mother's Day gift.


The truth shall set you free.

Until next time . . .


SabrinaT said...

OH, no~~ Well try and have a good time!

kitten said...

The truth shall set you free.
You got that right!

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