Friday, April 11, 2008

Say Something Saturday - Take 3

Glitter Symbols -

This week's assignment:

You're trying to bake a cake from scratch.

Everything is going wrong, from having to substitute ingredients to the oven not working properly. (Is it too hot? Too cold? Not level? You decide.)

Rhyme it, Dr. Seuss style.

Make it as long or short as you want.

Make up silly words and have fun with this.

Draw a picture to go with it.


I have a hankering, a burning, and a yearning

For dessert, delicious pastry, a cake that is head-turning.

I sift the soda with sugar and blend it with the flour,

Salivating as I know it will be tasty to devour.

I attempt to crack the eggs on the edge of the bowl,

Most ends up on the counter, but that wasn’t the goal.

On with the oven to melt my sticks of butter

I can already taste it, my heart’s all-a-flutter.

But wait, it’s been a moment or two, and I’m feeling a chill

It should be buttery soup de jour, but instead it’s sitting still.

What am I to do? I’m hungry, I want cake. I NEED CAKE!

With no working oven, with what shall I bake?

I have to think, I need an idea, a light-bulb, a flash

But I want to be reasonable, not hasty or rash.

I spy my niece’s toy oven; you know the one that cooks with a little light

If I’m careful, I may be able to get it toasted just right.

Carefully I measure batter into tiny cupcake pans

And slide it into the oven, trying not to burn my hands.

Moments later it’s done, well the center is a little too runny,

I think I’ll just have ice cream. I’ll give this mess treat to my Honey.

Well, I hope you like it. I've got a teenager, so we haven't seen a Dr. Suess book around here in years. I can't really remember how they go, but I know they rhyme, so I just focused on that. Also I just didn't draw a picture because I'm too lazy. You know us homeschooling moms are such rebels, LOL.

Thanks for dropping by.

Until next time . . .


kitten said...

LOL! Too funny! Very good job!! I guess I was the only one who drew a picture. Please don't laugh when you look!

Holly said...

I loved the easy bake oven :-). Great job!

Lil Mouse said...

what a neat twist...!

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