Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Little Cultural Stimulation And A Great Big Party!

We did get all of our scheduled lessons done this week. Well all except for one Spanish lesson, but I gave Baby Boy a pass on that one. Like I said in an earlier post, all of this darned warm and beautiful weather has got us in the worst way. We have been lolly-gaging something serious around here.

We had two big events this week.

First, Baby Boy and I got all dressed up (well Texas style, which means I ironed Baby Boy's jeans and my capri pants) and went to the opera on Wednesday night. We went with the new homeschool field trip group we've been exploring. There was a great educational discount, otherwise we never would have been able to go. Mom #2 was having none of it, so we left her butt at home. We had a great time!

Here we are, on our way to the opera . . . oooh la la.

Of course, on Saturday, we had Baby Boy's birthday party. We slathered on all the sunblock we could handle and had a big ol' barbecue by the pool. Mom #2 made a brisket and homemade potato salad; I supplied all the drama and loud conversation. Fabulous!

Of course, Baby Boy was the main attraction. It was his day and we let him have everything he wanted for this special occasion.

His cake was a narcissistic tribute to himself, LOL.

He got lots of gifts.

All of those envelopes contained cash, which as anyone knows, is a teenager's one and only true love.

And a great time was had by all!

They played and swam and chased each other all afternoon, until it was time for Mom #2 and I to clean up. Then they all piled up in Baby Boy's room and played video games for another 3 or 4 hours. Let me tell you I was tired of playing host, but I'm glad it all went well.

Now I need to finish all the laundry and other chores I neglected to pull off party day.

Until next time . . .


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BOY!!!! Looks like someone was spoiled. ;)

SabrinaT said...

Send some of that sunshine this way! Opera, wow the best I do is a CD of Andrew Lloyd Webber!

kitten said...

Late Happy Birthday! I'm so glad yall had a great time!!!!

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