Friday, January 21, 2011

No Chocolate for Me, Thanks

I'm trying to lose weight.  *SIGH* 

I'm doing it for my back, for my heart, for my blood pressure, and because I just plain need to.   

Mom #2 and I are piecing together our own pseudo Weight Watchers plan since we're too cheap to join up for real.   We've been doing pretty good.  We haven't gone over our allotted points at all, even though it has been more than tempting on a few occasions.  

My biggest problem is Dessert.  I love Dessert.  Dessert if my favorite food.  I really enjoy Dessert before, during, and after each meal . . . between meals too . . . cake . . . cookies . . . ice cream . . . all of these things are my favorite foods.  I am a bonafide sugar addict.  

So I've been trying to limit myself to one low calorie Dessert a day.  It's been so hard.  So very very very hard.  I really miss Dessert.  It's like breaking up a really good marriage.  Dessert and I have had a love affair that has outlasted pretty much every other relationship I've ever had. 

My problem is that low calorie Desserts seem to all have one thing in common . . . chocolate. 

I hate chocolate.  

I know, you may be shocked when you read that there is really one stressed out student-wife-Mom who does not think that the optimal way to end a long day is with a piece of chocolate.  Every single low calorie Dessert has chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, chocolate bits, chocolate ribbons, or chocolate swirls added to it.  It doesn't matter what the heck it is, a piece of sugar-free cardboard perhaps, it'll be smothered in chocolate to make it palatable to the chocoholics out there.  YUCK!

I just about fell off the wagon last night, after saving up 5 points for 1/4 cup of Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Delight ice cream, I popped it open to discover it was swimming in chocolate.  WHY????  I almost burst into tears.  It's called Peanut Butter Delight, the peanut butter is what makes it delightful.  Who decided that adding chocolate was a good idea?  Sheeze!

I just need a good, sweet, satifying, low calorie Dessert that has NO CHOCOLATE in it . . . PLEASE . . . my future depends on it. 

That's all. 

Until next time . . .


karisma said...

Oooh Good luck ladies! I also am trying to lose some weight. I have gained a whopping 15 kilos in a year. My bad!

Speaking of dessert though, the other day I had a bunch of bananas that were soft and no-one would eat, I thought to make a cake but there were no eggs so I found a recipe online and my god it was delicious. One piece was enough to really fill you up and it was full of goodness and as for chocolate? Well I added a couple of spoons of cocoa powder and it did then trick. Will blog the recipe later today! ;-)

Katy said...

Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are yummy and come in vanilla and mint flavor as well as chocolate. Or a teeny-tiny slice of cheesecake? Vanilla pudding? Peanut butter cookies?

LOL My downfall is salt - I could eat a whole bag of doritos without blinking an eye. Good luck, it's tough!

SabrinaT said...

Have you tried the new Extra Gum dessert delights line.. YUM!! IT actually tastes like a full fledged dessert. And, so far I haven't heard of any little kids turning into blueberries! Maybe give it a shot.

I *heart* dark chocolate....

Tara said...

Back in my WW days I used to slice up a banana, top it with some kind of ice cream topping (just a bit) and add some no-fat whipped cream. It was pretty tasty!
I'm in the same weight loss boat. Hearing the Wii Fit tell me how overweight I am every morning finally got me motivated.

Jennifer, in Vancouver said...

Oh - I am with you on the love of dessert. Yum! I saw a woman today wearing a button that said "I (heart) cake", and those are my sentiments exactly. Unlike you, however, I do enjoy chocolate, which I suppose is both good and bad.

Do you bake? What about carrot cake? You could use applesauce instead of oil, and then if you want icing, there's probably some sort of low cal substitute....?

Good luck with it all!

Jana C. said...

I need to follow your lead !! Good luck !

Back when, I used to make cheese cake with Splenda in it. You can barely taste the difference. Cheese cake is my downfall. If I could only have desert on occasion, that would be it. ;-)

Freakmom said...

I put on 8 pounds since last fall. I've been trying to cut portions and cut out empty calories. It stinks!

But that isn't helpful. What about fruit? Violet and her girlfriends like to make yogurt parfaits with alternating fruit, yogurt and crunchy cereal (whatever we have on hand). I like rainbow sherbet. I love me some chocolate, but lemon anything is good too. Lemon cookies?

Rose said...

Do you know about one point cupcakes? Take a box of relatively low cal cake mix and add diet coke in place of the oil, eggs and water or milk. You could have strawberry or vanilla or white or funfetti...

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