Monday, October 25, 2010

*SIGH* Just Like Old Times

In my never-ending quest to find a way to pass Biology (Oh, that class!), my lab group and I went on an extra credit field trip to a local zoo, wildlife preserve, and animal sanctuary.  We spent the day classifying animals.  Baby Boy came along as my official tutor and tour guide.

We had so much fun! 

I mean, it was so reminiscent of our homeschool field trips!  I think Baby Boy and I may have irritated my lab group because we had so much fun together and almost forgot that we were supposed to be there in an academic capacity.  A lot of them are very young and I don't think they're used to young adults and their parents getting along so well.  Actually, for the first time in almost a year, we forgot about classroom  academics and went back to learning as fun and exciting and doesn't need to take place in the confines of four walls.  It was such a liberating day!

I usually hate to see animals in cages of any kind, but this particular zoo is actually made up of retired circus performers, confiscated exotic pets, and abandoned animals, so I know that this is a safe place for these animals to live out their golden years. 

  There were tigers.  They were very big and scary, until they started whining and crying like kitty cats when the zookeeper showed up with a bunch of pumpkins.  Apparently pumpkins are delicious to tigers.  
Baby Boy took this close-up of a lion.  I was too scared to get that close. 
 The tortoises were HUMONGOUS!
Lots of peacocks roamed free.  
 Some parrots even talked to us.  
  Oh, my new love affair is with this potbellied pig!  She wagged her tail at me and even posed like a model for several photos.  I wanted to give her a big kiss and bring her home.
 Look at the little chicken family.  Aren't they cute!
 The goats are the only animals that they'd let us pet, so we petted them for about an hour, LOL. We LOVE animals. 

I'm not sure if this was a good trip or a bad trip for me.  I've been really going through homeschool withdrawal lately.  I'm seriously missing all the time Baby Boy and I spent learning, living, and growing together.  I do love the young man he's become, but, boy do I feel old and useless most days.  

Actually, now that I think about it, it was a very good trip.  An amazing trip!  I'm trying to focus on cherishing  all the time we have together instead of mourning the time we spend apart.  At least that's what I'm telling myself.  ;-)

Now I'm off to write that report.  Oy!

Until next time . . .


Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

*sniff* You're making feel like clinging even tighter to PL. Which is, by the way, the very last thing he wants these days. :-)

SabrinaT said...

If you are going through teenager withdraw I have one I can send you!

Looks like you all had a great time.. Baby boy is a wonderful young man!!!

Holmes Family said...

Awww. So sweet. You know what is really awesome about that trip, you got to see first hand the kind of affect homeschooling can have on a parent/child relationship.

While you two may not get to spend the close one on one time together like before, you still have that bond that was shaped by all those years together. So when you do get together it's a powerful experience and everyone who sees you two can tell you are close.

It's not forced, it's real closeness.


Ami said...


I miss those days too.
But so glad we had them and that we have that REAL relationship/friendship/respect for each other in our family.

Homeschooling rocks!!

Rebel said...

I miss those days too. It's so rare these days that KJ and I get to do anything educational and fun like that.

Mel R said...

What a wonderful day! I definitely cherish these years with my daughter, 11, I know soon enough she'll be off to college too. Wah. I'd be ok with her living at home forever. LOL She loved the piggy too, btw. Her dream is to have one someday as a pet.

topsy-techie said...

Ditto what Obi-Mom said!! My 6'+ boys do not need a clingy mom today, but they may get one anyway!! ((waaaah))

michelle said...

Awww - you'll just have to find more excuses for 'field trips.' ;-)

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