Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Annual Tradition . . . or a Meat Market?

On Monday we went to the annual Not Back to School Party thrown by our "local" homeschool group.

It's really a culmination of a lot of little groups, but we all get together a few times a year and this is one of them. The public schools started back on Monday, so we like to take that day to celebrate our decision to flee institutionalized learning and never look back.

We year-round homeschool, so we've been doing some light learning and a lot of life lessons all summer. We will be starting back full throttle on September 8th.

The Whole Group

The Main Event

Too Cool to Actually Get in the Pool

Baby Niece Goes to Private School so She Starts in a Few Days

Uhhm . . . Who's That Girl and What is She Doing With My Son?

WHY Does This Keep Happening?

Well that is one annual tradition with decidedly different flavor this year.


He's wearing a burqini next year. ;-) Seriously.

Until next time . . .


Jennifer in Vancouver said...

Hey! We have a "not back to school picnic" around here as well. But I have to say it's nice to see that there are so many homeschooling children of all ages where you are. Around here, while homeschooling is popular, we tend to get mostly little ones at these kinds of events. This is okay for now, since ours are little, but it would be nice to have some "big kid" role models.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

How much would you have to pay baby niece to stay stuck like glue to his side?

It is nice to see such a large gathering. Maybe you could put him in charge of games for the littles? Naw, that would be so, too adorable.

:)De said...

ROFL! Them thar gurls are after yo' boy! LOL!

SabrinaT said...

It might be time to equip Baby Boy with a low jack. When Christopher hits 14 he is getting a low jack..
And, may I suggest taking a boat load of 1 piece suits for the girls..

Wendy Hawksley said...

Gavin is only 6 1/2 and I SWEAR the 8-year-old girl (the oldest and most advanced female student in taekwondo) was eyeing my son yesterday. Grrrrrrr...

I like Sabrina's idea. Yup. And maybe even The Club.

But that is for you, so when teenager girls in itsy-bitsy bikinis approach Baby Boy, you can whack 'em over the head!

Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

Well, duh, look at him! Of course he's going to have "company".

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the burquini is just going to make them think he is a trendsetter, and then they'll be all over him even the more. You're going to have to face the fact that you have done gone and birthed a hottie. Life sucks that way sometimes. ;)

Jason, as himself said...

Well, the meat's gotta be displayed somehow. This seems like the most harmless way.

Anonymous said...

You know that sometimes they reach an age when they are just too cool for the water. LOL Looks like something my oldest would be doing..texting and trying to talk to the girls. LOL Mostly texting anyway. LOL Thank you for leaving such sweet encouraging words for me over the past several weeks. It's been crazy around here but I'm so glad I had time to stop by this morning. You are a sweet dear friend. I wish you lived closer!

Kathy said...

We used to have a Not Back to School Party at a community pool too. This year we had it at the beach, but it was nowhere near as big as yours.

Oh, that girl thing keeps happening for two reasons. 1- he's a handsome young man, and 2- his mamas raised him right and the girls know it!

Teacher Tom said...

I was walking behind my 12-year-old girl and her friends downtown earlier this summer -- far enough behind that it wasn't obvious I was with them. I was SHOCKED at how many boys and young men checked them out!

Somebody has to put a stop to this! =)

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