Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Spring . . . and . . . Easter?

Happy Springtime, Everyone!

Of course you know down here, it's already been in the 90's daily for weeks, but we have recently gotten some much-needed rain, so that's good. I'm a big fan of rain, as long as I don't have to drive anywhere. Frankly, I'm not a great driver anyway, and rain just makes it that much worse. I generally try to stay home in the rain.

We do have our official first sign of spring - Mom #2 has planted her strawberry plant. Isn't it cute? I'll let you know the status of that experiment in a few months, LOL.

Oh, school was so great this week. We finished every single thing on our schedule. I love when that happens! It's a rare and unusual phenomenon, and believe me, it's worth mentioning.

Today we went on a little outing with the homeschool group. We went to see an exhibit on The Beat Generation poets. The exhibit was interesting, not exactly what I expected, but tolerable. I arrived late, as usual, but everyone was still very nice to us - that's the sign of a good group. This is our 3rd time tagging along and I'm not feeling "frozen out" yet, so I think this might work. After the docent tour, we went to a social spot where Baby Boy enjoyed playing pool and air hockey. He is really warming up to the kids there, which is very pleasing because neither he nor I make friends very easily. I'm actually sort of struggling to get along with the other moms, but I'm going to make an honest and determined effort for Baby Boy's sake. It's so obvious that he's tired of having his mom as a best friend. Oh, why must they grow up so fast?

Oh, and I was wondering why there weren't that many other families on the field trip and why there were so much traffic on the highway. . . why didn't anyone tell me today is Good Friday and Sunday coming up is Easter. Oh my goodness. I guess just Baby Boy, Myself, and a few other heathens were wandering around at museums and such. Everyone else was on the highway trying to get to their families and to churches all over town. Oops! I need to go call my mom, I hope she's cooking something good.

I need to get in touch with the Easter Bunny and see if he can make an emergency house call. I'm severely lacking in decorations and such. It's way too early this year.

Oh, well.

Until next time . . .



Heather said...

I'm a heathen that celebrates Easter with ham and candy. My parents are coming over (which means I get to clean my house, yay!), but they're bringing all the food, so I won't have to cook.

We do Easter Bunny, but this year I forgot too. Somebody mentioned Easter baskets and I said, "Oh, crap!" Did some last-minute shopping at a jam-packed Walmart and left in a homicidal mood. Thankfully, we're caught up now. But you're certainly not the only one that remembered at the last minute.

Holly said...

Yes, I'm afraid we are in the easter scramble as well. Eggs are boiling at this minute, they will be left to cool while we do an ungodly amount of shopping (thankfully, DS was trained young that the Easter Bunny might come, but unlike Santa, he needs us to buy the crap, I can only sustain that fantasy once a year), dye eggs, eat, and then a drive in movie.

What am I thinking?

Well, except for the middle shopping part, it should be fun.

Wendy Hawksley said...

I'm not Christian, so I don't keep track of their religious holidays. But I was shocked to know it was easter already! In fact, I think it even snuck up on the Christian folks this year - Passover is in April, so it has caused some confusion for my husband (he is Lutheran).

I had my celebration on the Equinox; now it is my husband's turn. :-)

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