Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Lillies . . . I mean Easter Dallies ;-)

Well, we've had a pleasant enough weekend.

As you know, in this part of the country, Easter is the beginning of the barbecue season (which, by the way, lasts all the rest of the year). Yesterday my In-Laws invited us over for a fantabulous dinner. My father in law barbecued an amazing brisket. That man KNOWS he can barbecue! My mom-in-law made homemade potato salad, asparagus cheese wraps, and cheese cake. It was heavenly. We had a good meal, some nice conversation, and an all around delightful time.

My dad was supposed to take Baby Boy to church this morning, but he called last night and said he had to go into work, so that was that. I think Baby Boy was about half disappointed and half not too concerned, because he slept in extra late this morning.

So this is what we ended up doing today.

First of all, Baby Doggy got a bath . . .

. . . and a haircut . . .

. . . and now he looks extrie handsome!

Then the Easter Bunny came by . . .

. . . and surprised Baby Boy . . .

. . . with some special trinkets.

Then we watched our Movies As Literature film for this week, Raiders of the Lost Ark; review to follow at a later date. I like to mull it over for a few days before I pass judgment.

Right now I'm finishing up the last of 7 loads of laundry while Mom #2 fixes us dinner. It's sure to be incredible. I do the boring ordinary Monday through Friday cooking; Mom #2 does the super-duper we saw it on the Food Network type weekend cooking. Yum! Yum!

If we have time later, we want to watch Enchanted. Then off to bed.

So I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Sunday. Thanks, Wendy, for commenting about the Equinox. Now I have something new to research. I love projects!

So, until next time . . .



Heather said...

Oooh Food Network cooking! Usually, we avoid that kind of thing. Because I cook it, then the kids say, "What the heck is THIS?" and "What are these yellow things?" and don't actually eat much of it. My husband calls it "fluffy food" and while he eats it, he makes gentle remarks that translate to "please don't torture me with this recipe ever again."

Snag the recipes if they're good and share them. I could use a few more to make my family complain about. :) I do all the cooking, I deserve to eat something GOOD once in a while, I think.

Freakmom said...

The Easter Bunny brought Violet the movie Enchanted, we'll be watching it soon too.

Working on a plan to mail Baby Boy enough snow for a snowman, some sledding and even some snow boarding.

Holly said...

Wow! Your easter bunny came through big time! Don't let my DS know what kind of easter bunny you have LOL.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I love Raiders of The Lost Ark. Your literature sounds so fun. Baby Doggy is so cute. I have two baby doggies myself but I can't dare give them a bath inside. I would be the one in the tub after attempting to wrestle with our Rottweiller. LOL And our Weagle is a little hyper nut. (weagle= half wienny dog and half beagle).

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