Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Best Birthday Gift Ever!

Well, today is my birthday.  I'm still 40-something.

Interesting aside . . . I share a birthday with one of Amy's sons.  Isn't that neat? What are the odds I'd make an Internet friend whose son has my same birthday . . . although I'm sure we were born several decades apart, LOL.

Also my little sister's birthday was three days ago so we had a nice shared birthday dinner on Sunday.  All of my family and in-law's family came.  That was very nice.

But . . . here's the best gift ever I hinted to in the title:

Yesterday I was on campus and for the first time in the history of me going back to school, I was able to get the three Bs - my Belly, my Booty, and my Backpack - into a regular sized bathroom stall without slathering up with butter first or getting out of breath!  WOO HOO!!!

I'm down 50 pounds on my diet!  I still have another 50 pounds or so to go, but I'm sooooo excited.  This was a really big deal for me.  I usually have to use the handicapped stall because I was too uncomfortable in the regular sized stalls . . . apparently 50 pounds too uncomfortable.  Now I'm not!

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Have you accomplished anything spectacular lately?  I'll be more than happy to celebrate with you.

Tell me about it.

Until next time . . .



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

And pictures, please! I'm sure everyone out here would love to see the new you. :D

:)De said...

Happy Birthday and congrats to you!!!

:)De said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fatcat said...

Wow! That is great!

Mel said...

Happy Birthday and Congrats on the loss!

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