Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 7 Observations, Baggage of Sorts

The week after the 6 week point goes without a hitch.  The quiz in Japanese goes ever so smoothly, just as the test did, in which I passed with a pretty darn good grade.  

 It is, however coming around to exam time in psychology, and the heat is starting to reach a fever pitch.  Will it be tough?  Most likely.  Will I crumble under the pressure?  NEVER!   

It is time to march into class armed and ready to beat down exam#2.   

Until next time. . .

After I had a tiny breakdown last week and a not-so-tiny breakdown earlier this week, Mom #2 sat me down and had a really long and thorough talking with me.  It felt good to kind of get all of my emotions about not homeschooling anymore; having an adult son (!); and interacting all day long with young, skinny co-eds.  I think I may have been keeping too much locked up inside.

Whatever it was, I feel MUCH better now, and I'm refocused on being successful in my studies, which is a good thing, because they aren't getting any easier. I think that's all I'm going to say about that this week.:) 

My main observation this week is all of the STUFF I've noticed around campus.  Why do college students have so much stuff?  Myself included. 

I leave the house on school days with the following baggage

The big one is the backpack, which holds textbooks, binders, pens, pencils, paper, and other. . . ahem . . . necessities.  The smaller one is my lunch and, most importantly, extra water since it's hotter than Hades here.  I still don't understand why I'm not skinny yet; I walk miles and miles (it seems) every day with hundreds of pounds on my back, but I digress.

Today as I waited for my bus, which was running late, as usual, I noticed that I'm not the only one who likes to keep all of their stuff with them at all times.  Take a look.

 This lady has one large bag on her arm and one medium bag cross-body.
 This lady has a ginormous backpack, but that isn't enough, she still has the big red bag that looks like a bunch of kittens are trying to break out of it. 
This lady is trying to deceive everyone into thinking she's packing light, but look closely and you can see the great big bag she sat down on the bench.  I saw her set it there, so I know for sure it's hers. 
And the grand prize winner of the Overburdened In Academia Award is this lady who has a great big overstuffed backpack, and not one but TWO additional bags.  One over each shoulder.  I mean seriously, did she leave anything in her dorm room? 

I think we've all turned into a society of mobile hoarders.  Our houses are squeaky clean, but we still don't have the heart to throw anything away.  We just shove it in a bag, and bring it with us wherever we go. ;-)

Well those are my observations for the week.  I promised my Mom I'd go to a church-lady luncheon with her today, so I need to practice not being a Heathen for a couple hours so nothing sacrilegious comes flying out of my mouth in front of everyone, LOL. 

Have a fantastic weekend, Everyone

Until next time . . .


Ami said...

"I think we've all turned into a society of mobile hoarders. Our houses are squeaky clean, but we still don't have the heart to throw anything away. We just shove it in a bag, and bring it with us wherever we go. ;-)"

Makes ya wonder, doesn't it?

I carry a back pack instead of a purse.I have migraine medication, feminine supplies, keys, wallet, an extra jacket, a hairbrush, and all kinds of other things. LOts of different meds lately. I'm a regular junkie.

But when I don't bring my backpack, I always need something from it.


Nice to 'see' you blogging. I know you're super busy, but it's good to know you're still hanging in there.

Jennifer, in Vancouver said...

Ah yes! You bring back college memories. I too, used to carry around a back-breaking bag of books. Because, after all, you can't go home at lunch time, and then you have breaks between classes where you should really get some work done, and then you should really get some library books out while you're there...

Good luck with everything both of you!

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