Wednesday, December 29, 2010


If there is pain in your past, you can talk about it today and release it today.  You may still think of it again, but perhaps the pain won't be as poignant as before.   Don't let past pain cripple your every new day.  Release.  

If there is anger and resentment in your heart, if someone has damaged you, forgive them.  You do not have to forget the damage, you do not have to accept that person as a part of your present life, but forgiveness is not for them, it is for you.  Please believe me when I say, your forgiveness is not to make them feel better, it makes you feel better.   Anger is a bitter drug and it will poison your entire life from the inside out.  Release.

If you have hurt someone in the past, please reach out to them.  They need to hear that you are aware you have hurt them and that you are sorry for the damage you have done.  Pretending that it did not happen is not equal to admitting guilt and asking forgiveness.  If they do not wish to speak to you, write a letter.  Once you have acknowledged the pain you have afflicted and asked for forgiveness, you have made the first and most important step.  The ball officially falls from your court.  Release.

I know this is heavy stuff during a time of happiness, gifts, and festivities, but I really hope that these thoughts can help someone today.  I hope to be able to provide a virtual gift.  The gift of emotional freedom!  Release yourself from the chains of negativity.  There is a lot of pain in the world and people have such a hard time dealing with it.  Something can happen in one instant and change the fabric of who you are for an eternity.

Please don't give anyone the power over you to derail your hopes, adventures, wishes, and dreams. 

Let 2011 be the year you Release.   

Until next time . . .


Rebel said...

Paragraph 2 is easier said than done, but I'll try.

Ami said...

So you skip posting for like, two months then you come back all.. profound and deep?

Me head be spinnin'.

karisma said...

:-) Thanks lovely! While I have dealt with all this stuff a long time ago a few people I know are going through some issues right now. You just reminded me to be patient with them. Sometimes I forget! :-) Hugs and smoochies lovely! Have a wonderful new year!

:)De said...

wow! Very timely. Peace to you and your family.

Tara said...

Oh, Mom 1, thank you...

I don't have words right now, other than to say thank you so very much.

Juliet Robertson said...

Lovely advice!

Here's some to you - you can track your site visitors via a tool called Google Analytics which is free - you add the widget to your site and things kick off.

Also if you look at your dashboard there's also a stats key there which you can use.

Have fun in 2011

Hope your college courses are going well.

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