Friday, July 26, 2013

This is . . .

. . . my wild child.

 Found her like this.  Straightened her out and covered her up.

A little bit later, found her like this. 

Which is why we keep her bed so close to the ground.

And this is just her sleeping personality.  You should see this little Texas Tornado when she's awake!

Until next time . . .



:)De said...

My little 2nd cousin never sleeps fully on his bed...always hanging off or feet on the floor, slumped over his bed like he could not take just one.more.step! :)

Good to see you my friend. Have missed you terribly.


Anonymous said...


Heh, what a cute lil' Texas fairy. I think my niece does the crazy sleeping positions thing too. Ah, kids!

Mel said...

LOL!!! My daughter has always been a crazy sleeper too. Was excited to see an update from you! I moved my blog from nightowlmom to melcontented

Mel said...

Scratch that, my new url is nightowlmel OOPS

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