Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Clutter-Free Guarantee

In my absence I've been busy clearing the various clutter from around the house.  While not completely done, I think I'm off to a great start.

Vanity Before - A complete disaster.  Not only too many products, but a lot of trash that just simply never made it into the bin.  For shame!

Vanity After - I got rid off a lot of stuff.  What I simply could not live without, I stacked up neatly.  I think a shelf will be nice in this area.  I've kept it clean for about two weeks now, so this system does seem to be working. 

Nightstand Before - A catch-all for anything that I brought with me when getting ready for bed.

Nightstand After - Pared down to the bare necessities.  
Even those two silly boxes that were on the floor next to the nightstand are completely gone! POOF!

The dresser has been the biggest disaster in the house for YEARS!  Mom #2 and I have just piled every single thing up there that didn't really have an assigned spot.  I had been putting off cleaning it because it just seemed too overwhelming.  I was finally forced into cleaning it this past weekend. 

My Mom was coming over so that Mom #2 could show her how to use some computer software.  The software is only installed on Mom #2's computer, which is in our bedroom.  We couldn't find the original software disc to install it on another computer in the house . . . so cleaning my room from floor to ceiling was the only option.  Believe me, my Mom NOTICES cleanliness (or the lack thereof).  I was raised as a military brat, don't forget; both my parents are veterans.  Cleaning was my JOB growing up.

But I digress.  Here's the Dresser Before - A complete catastrophe. 

Dresser After - Spectacularly Clean! 

 Amazing! Yes?  (I know "amazing" is completely overused lately, but in this case . . . it's the appropriate word, believe me ;-)

That's all I have to report for today.  I know you all thought I was slacking off and not posting because I'm too lazy, but I have been busy, LOL. 

I do have a lot of other stuff to blog about, but those posts are still :"simmering."  I'll get to it soon!
Until next time . . .


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